Pest Control Customers Are Concerned About Family and Public Health

Protecting Families from Pests Carrying Disease
Protecting Families from Pests Carrying Disease

NJ & NYC pest control service providers are increasingly being looked upon as a means to protecting the public health. A recent survey shows, as American consumers become increasingly exposed to (and aware of) the integral role pests play in regards to health, they’re looking to the pest control industry as a positive influence in this arena.

Insect Issues
Pests carry a host of diseases, from ticks toting Lyme disease to encephalitis-inducing mosquitoes. There’s the sanity sapping side-effects of bedbugs, not to mention allergen-inducing dust mites and cockroaches and their pollutant poop. Then there’s the wide range of health and psychological issues that can all be addressed by your area pest control pro. Because of these common concerns about public health…

• 78% of survey respondents viewed pest professionals as protectors of public health.

• 80% viewed their services as protective of their home and property.

• 70% viewed regular pest control services as protective of their home and family.

• 87% turned to professional treatment for the knowledge and experience offered in properly identifying and treating every type of pest.

The National Pest Management Association sees this shift in focus as an opportunity to become a major player in the public health arena, and will use this new information to help the industry better meet customer needs.

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