Cockroach Milk is High in Protein. Is It on YOUR Shopping List?

Yum, Cockroach Milk is on the Menu!
Yum, Cockroach Milk is on the Menu!

The sight of cockroaches scurrying around might prompt immediate calls for NYC cockroach exterminators, but researchers have been putting these bugs to use. Researchers in Bangalore, India have been studying milk made from cockroaches.

Nutrients in Cockroach Milk

Although it might not sound pleasant or appetizing, cockroach milk has been found to contain important nutrients. Scientists at the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine determined that this milk contains four times the energy found in cow’s milk and three times the energy found in buffalo milk. The protein crystals in cockroach milk contain several essential amino acids, sugars and lipids that are needed for energy.

Cockroach Milk Candidates

Not all cockroaches can be milked. Researchers found that only female cockroaches that are around 54 days old and belong to the Diploptera Punctate species are able to be milked. These cockroaches, which live in the Pacific area, give birth to live young. Interestingly, the milk in these bugs isn’t liquid milk that we’re familiar with. Instead, it comes in the form of crystals.

While cockroach milk could be beneficial one day, the roaches you see around the NYC area aren’t good candidates for it. If you’re having problems with these pests, it’s important to have professional exterminators in the NYC area eliminate them as soon as possible.

If you need NYC cockroach exterminators for your property, contact Stern Environmental.

Bed Bugs Facts: Gruesome, Cool, Creepy, and Interesting

Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs
Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs

No one likes bed bugs. They are among the worst pests in the world. However, they’re actually pretty interesting. If you’d like to learn some great bed bug facts, you’re in the right place. Your NJ & NYC pest control experts here at Stern want to make sure you’re filled in.

When it Comes to Bed Bugs, Did You Know…

• Bed bugs can live for months without eating?

• Male bed bugs stab female bed bugs during insemination.

• Bed bugs are able to crawl for about 100 feet in a single night.

• Females are able to lay about 200 eggs during the course of their lives.

• Bed bugs prefer shelters that are red or black, and tend to avoid yellow and green.

• These pests are actually very shy, which is one reason they stay hidden away until you’re asleep.

• Bed bugs get full on human blood in about 10 minutes. After that, they don’t need to bite again for several days.

What More do You Need to Know About Bed Bugs?

These facts are pretty gruesome, but also quite interesting. If you have a bed bug problem, you might not be worried about facts. You just want these pests gone. Proper bed bug treatment requires NJ & NYC pest control specialists. We can certainly help you with that.

At Stern, we offer a range of bed bug services to fit your needs. Contact us to get help today!

Setting Up House: Cockroaches Create Their Own “Neighborhoods”

Setting Up House: Cockroaches Create Their Own "Neighborhoods"
Setting Up House: Cockroaches Create Their Own “Neighborhoods”

Are people on the Upper West Side really so different from the kids in Williamsburg? If we’re talking about the NYC cockroach population, the answer is yes. Research from Rockefeller University sheds light on the distinct genetics found in cockroach “neighborhoods” throughout the city.

Lead scientist Mark Stoeckle recently sat down with National Geographic to talk about the National Cockroach Project and what they’ve found in Manhattan, Roosevelt Island, and beyond.

Cockroaches, like New Yorkers, love their neighborhoods.

The Second Avenue Subway won’t be revolutionizing the commute for cockroaches anytime soon.

The National Cockroach Project has been genetically tracking cockroaches from all over the country, crowd-sourcing the critters from people who mail them in. Scientists were surprised to find identifiable genetic differences in roaches of the same species from opposite sides of Central Park.

Stoeckle likes to say that cockroaches have a lot in common with New Yorkers. They descend from immigrants, they have a lot in common with each other, but they do stick to their own turf.

Protect your neighborhood! Get help from our NYC cockroach exterminators.

Bug scientists often say that pests like cockroaches get a worse reputation than they deserve—but when asked what they do at home, they kill them like everybody else!

Consider cockroaches the worst kind of gentrifier. Our NYC cockroach exterminators can help! Contact Stern Environmental for safe, non-toxic treatments available for home, apartment, and commercial pest control.

Losing Everything to Bed Bugs – One Family’s Story

Losing Everything to Bed Bugs - One Family's Story
Losing Everything to Bed Bugs – One Family’s Story

“We were tossing memories,” says a New York mother whose family lost most of their belongings in a bed bug scare. After finding bed bugs in her son’s bedroom and their eggs tucked away in hidden places like the pages of baby books, the family was disgusted but determined to put an end to the problem.

Bed bug treatments have improved over the years, but they are some of the hardest pests to completely eradicate. A big part of that: many bed bugs have developed resistance to pesticides.

The Esposito-Bernard family first tried laundering every garment and linen. Then, they boiled every object that could stand the heat. Before long, the family said goodbye to their baby cribs and other cherished memorabilia. Everyday items and furniture were mostly trashed, too.

Turn to the NJ Bed Bug Specialists

When people find bed bugs, panic often sets in. Some are afraid of chemicals, others fear that eggs will remain.

Thankfully, our NJ bed bug specialists have a green, child-safe, pet-safe treatment from Europe called Cryonite®.

Using food-grade CO2 snow instead of traditional bed bug chemicals, the process can be used in homes, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, and many other places. With Cryonite®, you may well get to keep all of your stuff.

If you have a bed bug problem, please consider all your options. Contact the NJ bed bug specialists at Stern Environmental for more info.

Could the Release of Bed Bugs in an Office be Considered Bio-Terrorism?

Could the Release of Bed Bugs in an Office be Considered Bio-Terrorism?
Could the Release of Bed Bugs in an Office be Considered Bio-Terrorism?

Bed bugs have been known to elicit crazy reactions from people with infestations. However, where is the right place to draw the line? One man recently over-reacted when he was denied help for his bed bug problem. As your NYC bed bug specialists, we wanted to share this story with you.

An Extreme Bed Bug Problem

The story takes place in Augusta, Maine, where a man was denied assistance from code enforcement regarding a bed bug infestation in his home. When he had shown the bed bugs to his apartment manager, he was told he’d need to move out. Disgusted, he returned to the code enforcement office, once again, to ask for help. His request was denied and he was told he didn’t qualify for any assistance. That was when the situation took a turn for the worse.

An Act of Bio-Terrorism?

The man had a cup of bed bugs with him that day. He slammed the cup on the counter, causing about 100 bed bugs to scatter. The office had to close for the day while the area was treated for the blood-sucking pests.

What would you have done in this man’s situation? Fortunately, that’s a question you may not need to answer. Your NYC bed bug specialists are here to help you with your bed bug problem. When you contact us, we’ll be on the job right away, putting your mind at ease.