Leptospirosis, the New Rat-Carried “Plague” Hits New York

Rats are Spreading Dangerous Diseases
Rats are Spreading Dangerous Diseases

New York City residents and even visitors are often accustomed to the presence of pests as rats, mice and cockroaches are all too commonplace in the big city. Rats, in particular, continue to be an ongoing problem for both business owners and residents. These pests known carriers of diseases, and some of them can be deadly.

As your NYC rodent exterminator, we believe you have the right to be aware of these diseases and the risks that go with not eliminating a rat problem.

What is Leptospirosis?

Leptospirosis is a disease that is spread by many pests. However, in New York City, rats are the most likely culprits.

One person has already died because of exposure to Leptospirosis and you can be exposed to this disease without realizing it. It’s spread through rat urine, and many people unknowingly come into contact with it.

To make matters worse, Leptospirosis is easily spread from rat to rat and can live for a long time in water and soil. NYC residents are urged to protect themselves from this disease by wearing gloves, eyewear and other protective gear.

If you develop the symptoms of Leptospirosis, get immediate medical treatment.

How Can a NYC Rodent Exterminator Help?

At Stern Environmental, we are your NYC rodent exterminator. We can assist you by eliminating the rats from your property. We can also help with making sure they never return.

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