More Is Better: Grouping Stimulates Breeding in Cockroaches

German Cockroaches
German Cockroaches

Cockroaches cannot breed by themselves—but researchers in Japan have discovered that the females can reproduce when grouped without males. In other words, girls’ night out can apparently lead to pregnant cockroaches.

Asexual reproduction in cockroaches is a possibility, but lone females do not produce eggs very well. However, something about female grouping stimulates egg production.

Here’s what you need to know about the news:

• Parthenogenesis is the term for asexual reproduction due to a lack of mating partners.

• Many species breed by both sexual reproduction and parthenogenesis, but it wasn’t previously known that cockroaches did it more in female groupings.

• The study may lead to better understanding of cockroach breeding and thus better methods of controlling cockroaches.

Getting Rid of a Cockroach Infestation

Killing individual cockroaches on a daily basis gets old quickly. Whether you have a restaurant, hotel, retail store, or business office with a break room, they keep coming back. For professional NYC cockroach exterminators, eliminating eggs has always been the hardest part of the job.

Science has advanced quite a bit to help with cockroach control. We now use a modern pest control system called Cryonite to freeze cockroaches—and their eggs—with CO2. That means our NYC cockroach exterminators are green, safe, non-toxic, and amazingly effective. It’s the perfect combination for commercial pest control for offices, apartments, and more.

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