NYC Bedbugs Are Getting Harder to Exterminate

NYC Bedbugs Are Getting Harder to Exterminate
NYC Bedbugs Are Getting Harder to Exterminate

Many people grew up with the saying, “don’t let the bed bugs bite” without even knowing that bed bugs are an actual threat. Then the species resurged in the 2000s and bed bugs have thrived thanks in part to growing pesticide resistance. As 68% of exterminators will tell you, bed bugs are the hardest-to-kill pest.

Chlorfenapyr and bifenthrin are two chemicals commonly for bed bug exterminators. Academic researchers recently proved that bed bug populations have learned to resist these treatments.

When sprayed with typical bed bug chemicals, many of the critters die. But up to 25% survive, enough to stage a comeback. For the apartment dweller, homeowner, or business, that means paying for treatment only to feel their bites days or weeks later.

NYC Bed Bug Extermination with Safe, Effective Methods

Even though bed bugs get harder to exterminate with chemicals, we don’t have to use harsher and harsher chemicals. At Stern Environmental, our NYC bed bug specialists have innovative ways to overcome their growing resistance to insecticide.

We use Cryonite bed bug treatment to rapidly freeze the bugs and their eggs. No evolutionary adaptation can defeat this approach. Cryonite physically freezes and kills them with carbon dioxide spray.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about superbug resistance after identifying bed bugs in your home or office. Contact Stern Environmental to get rid of these detestable pests with safe, non-toxic extermination by our NYC bed bug specialists.