Bed Bugs Facts: Gruesome, Cool, Creepy, and Interesting

Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs
Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs

No one likes bed bugs. They are among the worst pests in the world. However, they’re actually pretty interesting. If you’d like to learn some great bed bug facts, you’re in the right place. Your NJ & NYC pest control experts here at Stern want to make sure you’re filled in.

When it Comes to Bed Bugs, Did You Know…

• Bed bugs can live for months without eating?

• Male bed bugs stab female bed bugs during insemination.

• Bed bugs are able to crawl for about 100 feet in a single night.

• Females are able to lay about 200 eggs during the course of their lives.

• Bed bugs prefer shelters that are red or black, and tend to avoid yellow and green.

• These pests are actually very shy, which is one reason they stay hidden away until you’re asleep.

• Bed bugs get full on human blood in about 10 minutes. After that, they don’t need to bite again for several days.

What More do You Need to Know About Bed Bugs?

These facts are pretty gruesome, but also quite interesting. If you have a bed bug problem, you might not be worried about facts. You just want these pests gone. Proper bed bug treatment requires NJ & NYC pest control specialists. We can certainly help you with that.

At Stern, we offer a range of bed bug services to fit your needs. Contact us to get help today!