Cockroach Milk is High in Protein. Is It on YOUR Shopping List?

Yum, Cockroach Milk is on the Menu!
Yum, Cockroach Milk is on the Menu!

The sight of cockroaches scurrying around might prompt immediate calls for NYC cockroach exterminators, but researchers have been putting these bugs to use. Researchers in Bangalore, India have been studying milk made from cockroaches.

Nutrients in Cockroach Milk

Although it might not sound pleasant or appetizing, cockroach milk has been found to contain important nutrients. Scientists at the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine determined that this milk contains four times the energy found in cow’s milk and three times the energy found in buffalo milk. The protein crystals in cockroach milk contain several essential amino acids, sugars and lipids that are needed for energy.

Cockroach Milk Candidates

Not all cockroaches can be milked. Researchers found that only female cockroaches that are around 54 days old and belong to the Diploptera Punctate species are able to be milked. These cockroaches, which live in the Pacific area, give birth to live young. Interestingly, the milk in these bugs isn’t liquid milk that we’re familiar with. Instead, it comes in the form of crystals.

While cockroach milk could be beneficial one day, the roaches you see around the NYC area aren’t good candidates for it. If you’re having problems with these pests, it’s important to have professional exterminators in the NYC area eliminate them as soon as possible.

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