NYC Bedbugs Are Getting Harder to Exterminate

NYC Bedbugs Are Getting Harder to Exterminate
NYC Bedbugs Are Getting Harder to Exterminate

Many people grew up with the saying, “don’t let the bed bugs bite” without even knowing that bed bugs are an actual threat. Then the species resurged in the 2000s and bed bugs have thrived thanks in part to growing pesticide resistance. As 68% of exterminators will tell you, bed bugs are the hardest-to-kill pest.

Chlorfenapyr and bifenthrin are two chemicals commonly for bed bug exterminators. Academic researchers recently proved that bed bug populations have learned to resist these treatments.

When sprayed with typical bed bug chemicals, many of the critters die. But up to 25% survive, enough to stage a comeback. For the apartment dweller, homeowner, or business, that means paying for treatment only to feel their bites days or weeks later.

NYC Bed Bug Extermination with Safe, Effective Methods

Even though bed bugs get harder to exterminate with chemicals, we don’t have to use harsher and harsher chemicals. At Stern Environmental, our NYC bed bug specialists have innovative ways to overcome their growing resistance to insecticide.

We use Cryonite bed bug treatment to rapidly freeze the bugs and their eggs. No evolutionary adaptation can defeat this approach. Cryonite physically freezes and kills them with carbon dioxide spray.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about superbug resistance after identifying bed bugs in your home or office. Contact Stern Environmental to get rid of these detestable pests with safe, non-toxic extermination by our NYC bed bug specialists.

More Is Better: Grouping Stimulates Breeding in Cockroaches

German Cockroaches
German Cockroaches

Cockroaches cannot breed by themselves—but researchers in Japan have discovered that the females can reproduce when grouped without males. In other words, girls’ night out can apparently lead to pregnant cockroaches.

Asexual reproduction in cockroaches is a possibility, but lone females do not produce eggs very well. However, something about female grouping stimulates egg production.

Here’s what you need to know about the news:

• Parthenogenesis is the term for asexual reproduction due to a lack of mating partners.

• Many species breed by both sexual reproduction and parthenogenesis, but it wasn’t previously known that cockroaches did it more in female groupings.

• The study may lead to better understanding of cockroach breeding and thus better methods of controlling cockroaches.

Getting Rid of a Cockroach Infestation

Killing individual cockroaches on a daily basis gets old quickly. Whether you have a restaurant, hotel, retail store, or business office with a break room, they keep coming back. For professional NYC cockroach exterminators, eliminating eggs has always been the hardest part of the job.

Science has advanced quite a bit to help with cockroach control. We now use a modern pest control system called Cryonite to freeze cockroaches—and their eggs—with CO2. That means our NYC cockroach exterminators are green, safe, non-toxic, and amazingly effective. It’s the perfect combination for commercial pest control for offices, apartments, and more.

Call or click to get the cockroach specialists from Stern Environmental on the job.

Leptospirosis, the New Rat-Carried “Plague” Hits New York

Rats are Spreading Dangerous Diseases
Rats are Spreading Dangerous Diseases

New York City residents and even visitors are often accustomed to the presence of pests as rats, mice and cockroaches are all too commonplace in the big city. Rats, in particular, continue to be an ongoing problem for both business owners and residents. These pests known carriers of diseases, and some of them can be deadly.

As your NYC rodent exterminator, we believe you have the right to be aware of these diseases and the risks that go with not eliminating a rat problem.

What is Leptospirosis?

Leptospirosis is a disease that is spread by many pests. However, in New York City, rats are the most likely culprits.

One person has already died because of exposure to Leptospirosis and you can be exposed to this disease without realizing it. It’s spread through rat urine, and many people unknowingly come into contact with it.

To make matters worse, Leptospirosis is easily spread from rat to rat and can live for a long time in water and soil. NYC residents are urged to protect themselves from this disease by wearing gloves, eyewear and other protective gear.

If you develop the symptoms of Leptospirosis, get immediate medical treatment.

How Can a NYC Rodent Exterminator Help?

At Stern Environmental, we are your NYC rodent exterminator. We can assist you by eliminating the rats from your property. We can also help with making sure they never return.

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The Top Ten NJ Pest Insects You’ll See This Summer

What Are The Top Pests?
What Are The Top Pests?

Summer is now in full swing, and so are the top pests in New Jersey. You may have come into contact with many of them already and if you haven’t, it’s only a matter of time. There’s no need to worry because your NJ commercial pest control specialists are here to help you.

What pests can you expect to see in New Jersey this summer?

Here Are The Top Ten NJ Summer Pests

1. Achemon Sphinx Moth

2. Acorn Weevil

3. Agapostamon Sweat Bee

4. Ailanthus Webworm Moth

5. Ambush Bug

6. American Bumble Bee

7. American Carrion Beetle

8. American Cockroach

9. American Dagger Moth

10. American Dog Tick

Many of these pests might not be a problem for you, personally. However, they can damage your business and property. Some can also spread diseases.

Ways NJ Commercial Pest Control Specialists Can Help You This Summer

Summer pests can make one of the best times of the year quite difficult for a business owner. You may not be sure what type of pest you’re encountering in your business and you’d be surprised how typical this is.

A quick inspection will identify the type of pest(s) you’re dealing with. At Stern Environmental, we offer inspections and services to deal with your pest problem, and keep them away too.

There’s no reason for you to deal with any of the above pests this summer. Contact us today. Your NJ commercial pest control specialists are on the job!

Will We See Flying Cockroaches Again this Summer Due to the Heat?

Will We See Flying Cockroaches Again?
Will We See Flying Cockroaches Again?

The summer heat gets many New Yorkers out and about in the streets and parks. Unfortunately, it also makes cockroaches start buzzing around in the air.

In the sweltering dog days of 2016, we heard numerous reports of flying cockroaches throughout the city. Roaches skittering across the floor or walking on the ceiling is bad enough. Is there anything grosser than a cockroach flying toward you?

Entomologists and NYC cockroach exterminators have weighed in on why they think cockroaches fly during hot weather, but the exact reasons are unknown. What is known is that roaches fly more in heat and humidity. Of note, people in the hot and humid southern states are far more accustomed to roaches spreading their wings.

What to Do if You’re Seeing More Cockroaches

Cockroaches on the move? By air, land, or sea, they’re looking for food and nesting grounds. They fly during the summer because they apparently feel more comfortable doing so than in cold weather.

You shouldn’t be afraid to turn the lights on at night or worried about roaches crawling on your kitchen counter at night. And you certainly shouldn’t have to live in fear of flying cockroaches. Our NYC cockroach exterminators can take care of a recurring pest problem.

Stern Environmental helps businesses and property managers take care of disgusting insect problems with safe, effective solutions. Contact us to schedule a visit by our NYC cockroach exterminators.