Stern Mold Offers to Beat Any Mold Removal Company’s Quote by 20%

Need Solutions for Your Mold Problem? Stern Mold Has Them!
Need Solutions for Your Mold Problem? Stern Mold Has Them!

You have probably driven by homes or other buildings where mold removal was underway; piles of wood and torn-out drywall tossed in garbage bins. If you thought it looked messy, expensive, and time-consuming, you’re right. Also, consider the costs to interruptions in business or the inconvenience of being out of your home for days or weeks. This is why so many business owners and homeowners fail to address mold issues in a timely manner.

Mold removal can be quick and affordable

We have such confidence in our proprietary MoldExterm process that it comes with up to a 5-year warranty and we will beat any written mold remediation quote/bid from a qualified mold remediation firm by 20 percent.

No mess and less downtime

For business owners, the actual mold remediation expense is only part of the cost. Downtime for your business also costs you money and if any of your customers find another business during that time, the costs continue to mount. Homeowners who must relocate for days or weeks will also have to pay for a hotel and dine out for every meal rather than prepare them in their own kitchen.

Our two-step process typically takes just one day. We kill the mold and then add a protective layer guaranteed to prevent the mold from coming back. Need mold removal in NY or NJ? Contact us today to save 20% or more.