California Law Aims to Quash Bed Bug Infestations

What's the New Bed Bug Law in California?
What’s the New Bed Bug Law in California?

A bed bug infestation, whether in the home, apartment, office, hotel, train, or any other location, creates an uncomfortable environment for those coming in contact with these blood-sucking pests.

New Bed Bug Law in California

In California, state lawmakers have taken a new position against the bed bugs and the responsibility landlords and tenants have in getting to the source of the problem.

Several steps must be adhered to by landlords and tenants to be considered in compliance with state-mandated bed bug legislation.

– Landlords must provide written information to tenants about bed bugs and the steps detailing how a tenant reports an existing infestation or a suspected problem.

– Landlords are not allowed to make available a vacant unit to show potential renters nor can a landlord rent a vacant unit with a known and active bed bug infestation.

– Landlords may not take any adverse action against a tenant who files a report citing a problem with bed bugs.

– If a unit is inspected by a pest control service, landlords have two days to notify tenants of the results.

– If a tenant has not filed a complaint, the landlord is not responsible for providing a pest control inspection.

– Tenants cannot refuse to cooperate with landlords providing detection and treatment services.

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