Bed Bugs Now Travel on Airplanes – Are You Bringing Them Home with You?

Watch Out For Bed Bugs When You Travel the Friendly Skies
Watch Out For Bed Bugs When You Travel the Friendly Skies

Everyone has seen a hitchhiker or two on the highway looking for a ride but have you ever thought about hitchhikers on a plane? Not the human kind but the bloodsucking kind known as bed bugs.

About Bed Bugs

These pests are creative and persistent in finding ways to hitch a ride. It doesn’t matter where you may be going, they plan to travel in style in your luggage, totes, computer cases, or even in the creases of your clothes.

While bed bugs don’t carry or transmit disease, their bites turn into red itchy welts that can show up on any part of your body. The bites can be problematic for anyone who suffers from allergic reactions.

Bed Bug Products

For your next travel adventure, while staying in your selected accommodations, secure your luggage and clothing with BugZip luggage and drawer liner bags. The bags add a layer of protection between you and international bed bug travelers.

Once home, NYC bed bug specialists have plenty of ammunition to eliminate a bed bug infestation and help keep your home bed bug free. These include specialized treatments, ZappBug Heaters, monitors and detectors, mattress guards, protect-a-bed encasements, and much more.

Whether you’ve just returned from a trip and concerned some bed bugs made the trip with you, or you just want to have your home checked to be sure, call the NYC bed bug specialists at Stern Environmental.