Know Your Rights in New Jersey: Landlords Must Keep Your Place Bedbug-Free

NJ and NYC Bedbug Extermination - Our Expertise
NJ and NYC Bedbug Extermination – Our Expertise

If you’re a tenant living in New Jersey, you know that finding out you have a bed bug infestation is your worst nightmare. What can you do if you wake up with bites or find one of these creatures crawling along your headboard? The fact is that you have rights. As your NJ bed bug specialists, we believe you need to be informed about them.

What You Should Know About Bed Bugs in Rental Properties

If you live in a building with more than one apartment, keeping it bed bug free is your landlord’s responsibility. They have no way of proving that you were the one who caused the problem in the first place. Of course, you should do your part by making sure that your apartment is kept very clean. This will make it harder for them to blame you.

Renting a Single Home

If you rent a single family home, the laws are a little bit different. If you have a bed bug problem that wasn’t there when you moved in, it’s your responsibility to fix it. Keep this in mind as you move forward.

No matter what your bed bug issues are, working with NJ bed bug specialists is the best way to solve them. Here at Stern Environmental, we use the most modern tactics to treat bed bugs. We can help you with non-toxic methods that really work. Contact us today!