Bed Bug Hot Spots: Bed Bugs’ Favorite New York City Neighborhoods

Cities Host a Large Human Population - and Now Bed Bugs, As it Turns Out!
Cities Host a Large Human Population – and Now Bed Bugs, As it Turns Out!

From property managers to tenants, no one wants to advertise a bed bug infestation. Because NYC residents remain discreet about bed bug issues, this can make it hard to understand the true extent of problem areas. The New York City bed bug control experts at Stern get lots of calls from this region, and can corroborate the data from areas with the worst violations.

Which New York City Boroughs Are Hiding the Biggest Burden of Bed Bugs?

Data analyzed from, a new website created to provide renters and buyers with a fuller picture of NYC neighborhoods, uncovered areas of the city with the most bed bug violations. (Violations are issued by the city when landlords fail to properly address bed bug infestations.) 

Watch Out for Hitchhikers Here

Localize data included the most recent 5 years of bed bug violations reported through August 2018 within the 5 boroughs. The top three boroughs with the highest incidence of bed bug violations include the Bronx, with the most violations per rental household, followed by Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Though Violations Decline, Bed Bugs Remain a Menace

Because new laws have pressed landlords to take infestations more seriously and to seek prompt treatment, violations are on the decline. Despite this, however, the bed bug population continues to surge.

Have bed bugs hitchhiked their way into your home? Don’t suffer in silence. Contact the New York City bed bug control experts at Stern Environmental today.