What to Know About NJ Raccoons

Our One Way Tunnels Let Raccoons Out and Not Back Into Your Attic
Our One Way Tunnels Let Raccoons Out and Not Back Into Your Attic

Rocket Raccoon was a member of Guardians of the Galaxy, but in real life raccoons are not so heroic. Here’s some helpful information about these wildlife intruders from our NJ pest control team.

Raccoons: Cute but Deadly

Raccoons are often associated with being in the country, but these durable critters have made their way into more densely populated areas. They’ve become so acclimated to urban and suburban areas that they find houses to be an appealing place to nest.

While kids in particular may find raccoons cute to watch, their behavior is anything but. Raccoons can be vicious when they feel threatened, and they’ve been known to attack humans and other animals. According to the CDC, raccoons are one of the primary wildlife carriers of rabies, second only to bats.

Destructive Raccoon Behavior

As true omnivores, raccoons will eat just about anything they find. Unfortunately, this often leads them to search dumpsters and garbage cans for meals. As a result, you can become ill just coming into contact with their left-behind fur.

Like squirrels, raccoons living in your attic will gnaw on wood, wires and other materials, resulting in significant structural damage. Their urine and feces contain germs that, if airborne, will create a major health risk.

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