What to Know About NJ Squirrels

NJ Squirrel Removal Experts
NJ Squirrel Removal Experts

Squirrels may be an entertaining sight when they scamper around in a park, but not when they’re wreaking havoc in your home. Our NJ pest control experts share these helpful facts about squirrels.

Types of NJ Squirrels

The most common species of squirrel found in New Jersey is the gray squirrel. “Gray” is something of a misnomer, as it’s actually a combination of white, black and brown fur that creates the illusion of gray.

New Jersey is also home to both northern flying squirrels and southern flying squirrels. Instead of wings, these squirrels have membranes from arms to chest and between the legs that allow them to glide, giving the appearance of flying.

The northern flying squirrel prefers to live in wooded areas, high up in the trees. So, if you find flying squirrels in your home they’re likely to be the southern variety.

Why Squirrels Love Your Home

Squirrels breed twice a year, once in winter and once in summer. With its warmth, safety and access to food and water, your attic makes an attractive home for a pregnant squirrel

In order to control their constantly growing teeth, squirrels need to gnaw, which causes significant damage to wood, wires and even pipes. Squirrels also spread disease directly through biting and indirectly through their droppings.

NJ Pest Control for Wildlife and Insects

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