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Will You Get a Welt or Not from a Bedbug Bite?

Will I Get The Moarks?
Will I Get The Moarks?

Good night, sleep tight, and keep an eye out for bedbug bites. Keeping a vigilant eye out for the creepy critters and their bites could really help you curtail a severe infestation.

Did you let the bedbugs bite?

  • Allergic reactions
    Allergic reactions to bedbug bites such as asthma, widespread hives, and anaphylaxis are quite rare, however general allergic hives surrounding bites are not unusual.
  • Rashy reactions
    A range of skin reactions are possible with bedbug bites, which may worsen thanks to sensitization resulting from repeated exposure. Rashy reactions to bedbug bites run the gamut, from flat red spots and small red bumps that itch, to itchy hive-like wheals surrounding punctures, and even blister-like rashes that may evolve to hard bumps.
  • No reaction
    By far the most common reaction to a bedbug bite is – you guessed it – nothing. Simply a tiny, barely visible hole at the location of the bites.

Bedbugs bites have you scratching?
Giving in to the urge to itch is not in your best interest, as indulging in scratching could leave you with secondary skin infections and scars.

As not everyone gets a reaction to bedbug bites, sometimes it can be difficult to know just how bad an infestation is. When you start to see blood drops on your mattress and sheets as well as exoskeleton sheds, it is way past time to treat your problem.

Tired of worrying about becoming an all-you-can-eat bedbug buffet? Contact Stern today.

Little-Known Pest Prevention Tricks for Businesses

Spraying  insecticide on cockroach
Prevent Pests In Your Business

Hopefully your business already takes simple steps to keep bugs and rodents away. Every business should be throwing away garbage regularly. Restaurants must store food in places where rodents can’t go. But what else can you do? Pests seem to show up at commercial properties even if you keep the place clean.

Here are some lesser-known tips for commercial pest prevention:

Drainage: Insects need water more than you might think! Take care of leaky plumbing. If water collects near the building’s foundation or entryways, clean out the gutters and consider upgrading the drainage system. Shovel away snow before it turns into standing water.

Air ducts: Many pests find the perfect home in a building’s duct work. If there are leaks, things get worse. Take care air ducts and other infrastructure that may need cleaning.

Clear the floors: Restaurants are not the only type of business that needs to keep food, boxes, and other items a few feet above the ground. With clear floors, cleaning is much easier and pests have fewer places to hide.

Talk to employees: This may seem obvious, but many employers try to avoid the topic altogether. Make sure that all staff members know best practices.

Prevention just might save your business from an embarrassing infestation! For the best results, contact Stern Environmental Group about commercial pest service including weekly, semi-weekly or monthly treatments.

Coming Soon – Battling Bedbugs by Faking Them Out

Bed Bug Infestations
Bed Bug Info

The bedbug battle rages on as more and more of the blood-hungry pests infiltrate each and every welcoming nook and cranny they find.

Bedbugs are not a new pest. They’ve been around for a long, long time but the modern bedbug has additional help in traversing the globe much more than their ancestors.

With more international travelers making their way to and from modern countries as well as out of the way places, bedbugs have hopped aboard the plane, train, cruise ship, or automobile and are seeing the sights and enjoying tasty meals along the way.

In today’s world, there are more people staying in hotel rooms, thousands of people enjoying sports events at stadiums, or kids socializing in a dorm room. All of these locations are prime destinations for bedbugs.

Any out-of-the-way crack or crevice is a great place to call home from packed suit cases, sofas and chairs, stadium, school, or church seating, to the curtains in the home, or the bed at your favorite hotel.

Getting rid of an infestation is difficult but a new form of eradication is being studied at Simon Fraser University. Using five of the bugs chemical signals, a trap containing the chemicals is set. The bugs follow the chemical signal into the trap where a sixth chemical – histamine – keeps them in place.

For more information about bedbugs, call the professionals at Stern Environmental Group for up-to-the-minute answers.

Would You Get Bitten by Thousands of Bedbugs in the Name of Science?

Willingly Bitten
Willingly Bitten

How far would you be willing to go in order to get rid of bedbugs? While you’d most likely call an NJ bedbug control company to handle it, a Canadian biologist has taken more drastic measures for science. Regine Gries of Vancouver has let herself be bitten on a regular basis for several years as part of a study to develop a bedbug trap.

Each week during the five-year study, Gries was bitten by more than 1,000 of these pests. Gries volunteered for the study since she is only very mildly affected by their bites. She and her husband Gerhard, who is also a biologist, did the study to determine how to attract and repel bedbugs in order to create an effective bait trap.

Their results showed that bedbugs use odors to communicate with each other and that they don’t like histamine. The Gries put this information to use and found several chemicals that can lure bedbugs to seek shelter, which could be used as part of a trap. In fact, the Gries are currently working with a company in British Columbia to come up with a bedbug bait trap that could help homeowners deal effectively with these critters.

If you’re having a bedbug problem, contact Stern Environmental Group. Our NJ bedbug control experts can rid your home of these pests and help prevent them from coming back.

Insect Trivia – We Bet You Didn’t Know These

Insect Facts
Insect Facts

Some of these bits of insect trivia will surprise you. Some will probably make you squeamish. There are a few that may make you reluctant to crawl into bed. But they may come in handy if you are ever a contestant on Jeopardy. So check out these interesting and somewhat disturbing insect facts. Then give the experts at Stern Environmental Group a call so you can rest easy.

1. Ants are highly organized, constantly busy, and very sociable. They live in colonies with as many as 500,000 ants.

2. Mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths than any other insect or animal. They carry malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus, and yellow fever.

3. Bedbugs can survive for an entire year without food. What food do they wait to get? You

4. Honeybees kill more people than all poisonous snakes combined.

5. Mammals have red blood, lobsters have blue blood, and insects have yellow blood.

6. A cockroach is able to live for a week after being decapitated.

7. The average bed is home to about 6 billion dust mites.

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