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They Call Them “Velvet Ants” But They’re Really Wasps

Ant or Wasp?
Ant or Wasp?

Don’t let the name “Velvet Ants” fool you. While they may have some of the characteristics of an ant in color and size, in actuality, they belong to the Mutillidae (wasp) family.

About Velvet Ants

The female is especially ant-like due to her velvety exterior, which has a furry texture. Most are black or brown, like ants, and may be marked with red, orange, or yellow rings. While females are wingless, males do have wings and look more like wasps. Other species are known for their excruciating sting and some are capable of making a squeaking sound.

Studies on velvet ants show the insects are prone to attacking flies and beetles. Females spend much of their time hunting wasps and bees in their ground nests where she’ll lay eggs inside wasp or bee pupa. When the young wasps hatch, they feed on the pupa. Velvet ants produce young once a year.

Their stings are very painful and may cause a rash or an allergic reaction.

Velvet ants are difficult to control, especially if attempting to do it on your own. For the best results in NJ wasp abatement, you need a professional pest control service.

NJ wasp abatement is one of the services we handle at Stern Environmental Group. If you’re experiencing problems with velvet ants, let our experienced staff take care of the problem safely. Call us today to schedule a free home inspection.

Will Argentine Ants Plague NJ Offices Again This Year?

Argentine Ants Make Their Way into NJ and NYC
Argentine Ants Make Their Way into NJ and NYC

Rainy conditions make it likely that Argentine ants could be invading NJ offices this year. These small black ants are among the most common species in the area. Businesses throughout the state should be ready to use NJ pest control services if needed in the coming months.

Argentine Ants Seek Shelter

Rain causes Argentine ants to head indoors for shelter just as humans do, especially during periods when there is a lot of rain. When they’re indoors, they tend to search around for food, which makes them more likely to be seen in kitchen areas and break rooms. However, these ants are attracted to anything that has a sweet scent, including soap, so they can become a problem in bathrooms as well.

The Problems with Argentine Ants

Unlike other types of ants, Argentine ants have more than one queen in their colony. This makes them much more difficult to get rid of. Having more queens means that there are more eggs around, which can lead to high populations in one area. Businesses that have these ants around need professional help in order to ensure that the whole colony has been dealt with. Otherwise, these ants can continue to be a pest problem again and again.

If your NJ office has an ant problem this year, contact Stern Environmental for help. We provide quality NJ pest control services for ants and many other insect pests.

Ants Top the List for Facility Managers Biggest Pest Headaches – Part Two

Colonies Grow Fast. Squash This Pest Before Things Get Bad!
Colonies Grow Fast. Squash This Pest Before Things Get Bad!

Continued from Part One . . .

4. They Spoil Food Supplies

NYC Pest Control officials often receive complaints about ants spoiling the food supplies stored in a facility. This occurs because ants go everywhere in search of food, which leads them to the facility’s food supply. If the ants come in contact with food containers and manage to chew through the protective packaging, the food has to be thrown out.

5. They Can Get Through The Tiniest Cracks

Because of their small size and the fact that they can stick to virtually any surface, ants can enter your facility through the smallest opening. Even if you take the most careful measures, all it takes is an opening no more than a millimeter or so wide for ants to begin their invasion.

6. They Leave Trails That Attract More Ants

Ants secrete a hormone that acts as a signal for other ants, and allows them to follow the first ant’s path into the facility. This means you don’t just have to worry about one ant colony, but rather any ant that picks up the scent can arrive with a new colony in tow.

For all these reasons, having an ant infestation is a serious matter that needs to be eradicated immediately. Call Stern Environmental and we will provide you with the best professionals in the NYC Pest Control business to take your ant problem off your hands today!

Ants Top the List for Facility Managers Biggest Pest Headaches – Part One

Where You See One, There Is Probably More.
Where You See One, There Is Probably More.

One lesson we’ve learned from our experience as a NYC Pest Control company is that significant destruction of your home’s or facility’s structure is often caused by the tiniest pests in the insect kingdom.

Ants are widely acknowledged to be the most common household pests in the NYC Pest Control region. There are six reasons why they are causing so much trouble for property owners:

1. They’re Always Found In Large Numbers

Ants are social insects, and they are always found living in colonies which can host many thousands of members. Damage is caused not merely by a single ant, but by an entire colony working together to forage for food and defend its territory against rival colonies.

2. They Burrow Inside Every Space

Ants are incredibly industrious creatures, and will go over every inch of your home or facility in their never-ending quest for food and shelter. The result of this relentless quest takes the shape of hollowed-out walls within the structure. In addition to the obvious impact to the property’s structural integrity, having people and ants in close proximity inevitably leads to the annoyance factor and stings.

3. They Can Pose Serious Health Hazards

Ant stings are painful and, for those with allergies, can seriously affect your health. If ant stings cause an allergic reaction, then you could end up in the hospital or in rare cases even die.

Continued in Part Two . . .

Should You Trust Amazon with Your Pest Management Needs?

Don't Let Your Office Building Fall Prey to an Ant Infestation!
Don’t Let Your Office Building Fall Prey to an Ant Infestation!

Amazon has begun a do-it-yourself pest management system, where the customer determines which pest they have, and then they contract an exterminator through Amazon. This may seem like a good idea, but it may not be the best choice.


You may see ants in your office, so you decide to call a specialist that will take care of your ant problem. But, what kind of ants are they? Carpenter ants don’t care about the food in your break room; they eat the wood in your beams and studs. Ants you find in your break room don’t care about wood at all! And what about termites, which might look like ants, but require an entirely different method to exterminate them?

If You Guess Wrong

If your identification is not right, you may have to pay for a service you don’t need, and then call in someone else who can get the job done. If this is beginning to sound like more of a hassle than it’s worth, the solution is to call a NYC commercial pest control company that will identify your pest problem and take care of it for you.

Take the guesswork out of your pest control problem. For more detailed information about eradicating the insect or animal infestation on your property, contact the Stern Environmental Group. We offer programs to combat virtually any type of pest infestation for both residential and commercial applications.