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Encasements Can Help Control Bed Bugs

Last time we talked about what to do if you already have bed bugs (see our June 28 post: What to do if bed bugs are biting you.) One of the most effective ways of controlling bed bugs in your bed is to encase the mattress and box springs in specially designed bed-bug proof covers, called encasements.

  • If you already have bed bugs, encasements will trap the nasty insects inside an impermeable barrier. They won’t be able to sneak out or bite their way out and will eventually starve to death. (Many victims feel this is apt revenge after having served as the midnight smorgasbord for the little buggers and their friends.)
  • If you don’t have bed bugs, encasements will prevent them from moving into your mattress or box springs. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your bed is as protected as bed linen science can make it.

A mattress/box spring set costs a pretty penny. There’s no reason to throw them out if you get bed bugs. In fact, getting rid of your bed — as much as you might want to — can spread the problem. And it’s most likely that the nasty buggers will move right into the new bed and start the noxious cycle all over again (see our June 28 post). Encasements also increase the efficiency of your pest professional’s control and eradication program. They trap live bed bugs and eggs inside where they can’t hurt you and make spotting and removing new bugs easy. Since the bugs can’t get into your bed to hide, they’re easy to see and remove from the cover. If you have or want to prevent a bed bug problem, your smartest move is to protect yourself and your bed, now and for the future, by encasing your mattress and box springs in encasements.

You should know that not all encasements are created equal. You can’t just run down to Wal-Mart and buy a couple of thin plastic mattress covers. You must purchase encasements specially designed to be bed bug impermeable. Next time we’ll talk about how to select encasements that work.

For more information on bed bugs and encasements, visit the Stern Environmental Group website. We are the bed bug experts and will get rid of your bed bugs — guaranteed! Call us today if you suspect you have a bed bug problem. You’ll sleep well tonight when you get “Stern” with your pests.

What to Do If Bed Bugs Are Biting You

What can you do if you already have bed bugs? First, don’t panic. Sure, I know it’s what you want to do. After all, living with bed bugs is gross, disgusting, itchy and embarrassing. But falling apart won’t get rid of the nasty things. You need to take control! Take action! Get back in charge and get rid of the darn things! We’re going to tell you how.

  • #1 Contact a professional. Bed bugs are tiny, hard to find, easy to spread and hard to get rid of. If you want to completely eliminate them from your home or business, you’re going to need the help of a highly trained, licensed professional with expert knowledge of bed bug biology, behavior, and the proper use of pesticides. Commercial pesticides won’t do the job and may wind up spreading bed bugs to other rooms in your house. But there are things you can do to help eliminate the pesky insects faster.
  • #2 Kill the bugs. Regularly inspect and vacuum your mattress and box springs. Make sure you dispose of the vacuum bag immediately by tying it tightly in a plastic bag and removing it from your home to an outside container. If you have a bagless vacuum, empty the contents into a plastic bag, tie it shut and remove it from the house. Then wash the canister in hot water to remove any bugs or eggs. If you see any live bugs on your mattress, kill them by crushing them. They may leave a dark stain, but stains can be washed.
  • #3 Eliminate clutter. Bed bugs hide in clutter; it’s their safe zone. Pest control measures and chemicals may not be able to reach bed bugs deep in a pile of clutter. You must remove bug hiding places and make them accessible to treatment if you’re going to totally eliminate the problem. So clean up and clear out the clutter!
  • #4 Nix underbed storage. Bed bugs hang out near their food source. They’re nocturnal, creeping out at night to feed — on you in your cozy bed. You want to eliminate any places they might hide near your bed so that chemical treatments can reach the little buggers. That means eliminating underbed storage.
  • #5 Fire up the washer. Linens should be laundered weekly in hot water and dried on the hot cycle of your dryer to kill bugs and eggs. Eggs may not be visible. They’re very tiny and can be dropped in clusters or singly as females roam around your bed — so don’t trust your eyes. If your couch is infested, toss the cushion covers in the wash every week too.
  • #6 Install mattress and box spring encasements. Not only will encasements trap bed bugs inside so they eventually starve to death, but they’ll keep new bugs from getting into your mattress and box springs. It’s important to keep the encasements on, sealed and in good repair as bed bugs can live without food for many months. Not all encasements are created equal. You need one that is bed bug bite and escape proof. We’ll talk more about encasements in our next blog post.
  • #7 Stay in your bed. This is one of the hardest things you may have to do if you have bed bugs. You will have a strong desire to abandon your bed — the presumed source of your woes — and sleep in the guest room, on the sofa, or even move in with a friend. Don’t. If you move to a different room, the bed bugs will find you and further infect your home. If you stay put, you have a better chance of containing the problem until your pest professional has time to eliminate the little buggers. If you move out, it’s highly likely you’ll take them with you to your friend’s home. Talk about an unwelcome guest! Hard as it may be, you’re best off staying put and sticking it out.
  • #8 Don’t throw away your stuff. Another common reaction to a bed bug invasion is the desire to get rid of anything you find bed bugs on or near — your bed, linens, clothing, etc. Try to remain calm. Not only is it unnecessary to get rid of your stuff, but it will simply spread the problem. As you’re moving things out of the infested area, bugs are likely to brush or fall off items and infest more of your home. The less you disturb the places bed bugs hide, the easier it will be for your pest control professional to annihilate those hiding places and the bugs they harbor. And whatever you do, don’t put infested items on the curb. Anyone claiming your discarded stuff will bring home more than he bargained for.

If you get bed bugs, common sense, patience and an experienced bed bug professional will get you through what admittedly is not going to be a fondly remembered experience. But if you follow these tips, you’ll get through it with minimal damage and in record time. We’ll help you. Stern Environmental Group is the bed bug expert, and we will get rid of your bed bugs — guaranteed! If you have a problem, don’t delay. Give our professional bed bug elimination experts a call today. For more information on the biology and behavior of bed bugs, click the post title. You’ll sleep well tonight when you get “Stern” with your pests.

Mattress/Box Springs Covers Can Salvage Your Bed from Bed Bugs

Stern Environmental Group has just added a new product line in our potent bed bug control arsenal. We now carry bed bug-proof covers for mattresses and box springs.

  • If you’ve never had bed bugs, these covers can make sure they never get into your mattress or box springs, protecting you from future infestations.
  • If you’re already the victim of a bed bug invasion, these covers will allow you to continue using your mattress and box springs.

Since a bed mattress and box springs set is a fairly large investment, particularly if you have a queen or king-sized bed, a small investment in a quality cover that’s impervious to bed bugs is a smart idea. Not to mention that when you’ve finally found a mattress set you like, one that guarantees you a good night’s sleep, it’s pretty hard to think of giving it up just because bed bugs might find it comfy too. For hotels, hostels and other lodging providers, which have a significant financial investment in bed mattresses and box springs, covers provide a reliable protection on your investment.

These new mattress/box springs covers are specifically designed to counter bed bugs. They can be used to encase your mattress and box springs. Features like gap-free stitching and enforced zippers trap bugs and eggs inside. A poly-urethane coating keeps bugs from biting through or escaping. The covers are made from materials that are comfortable, hygienic and allergy-free. They’re quiet and won’t crinkle when you roll over like typical vinyl or plastic mattress covers.

Many people who find themselves living with bed bugs want to throw out their bed, mattress and box springs. Unfortunately, your new bed is apt to become infected by unkilled bugs or future infestations and you’re back to square one. It just doesn’t make sense to throw away a perfectly comfortable bed when a bed-bug proof cover will do the job. Click the post title for more information on the new bed bug-impervious mattress/box springs covers available from Stern Environmental Group. Contact us for more information and prices. For more information on bed bugs, visit our website.

Mattress/box springs covers provide the perfect revenge for bed bug sufferers. They seal the nasty critters inside an airtight environment where they gasp their last and die, never to bite again. Like the guy says in the television commercial: “Payback. This time it’s for real!”