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Bed Bugs! Invasion of the Blood Suckers

Just the thought of them makes you itch all over. Bed bugs! The ICK factor is extreme.

My daughter was unfortunate enough to share a bed with the little buggers at an Australian hostel during her wandering college years. My nephew was nibbled on recently when his family stayed at a small Pennsylvania motel and, choosing the short straw, he had to sleep on the roll-away. Nearly eliminated as a worldwide scourge after World War II, bed bugs are a rising problem in America and around the world. They don’t play favorites, visiting the rich and poor, college grad and high school drop-out, mansion and hovel alike.

Contrary to common belief, bed bugs are not caused by dirt, poor housekeeping or too few showers. They are a creature of convenience like lice and fleas. Bed bugs spread easily –hitching a ride on clothing, cardboard boxes, suitcases and used furniture; crawling through ducts and wall voids — making an outbreak difficult to contain, particularly in hotels, apartment buildings, long-term care facilities, cruise ships, etc.

Classified as a nuisance bug, bed bugs do not spread disease, though they can cause considerable discomfort and, in some cases, severe allergic reactions. It’s the psychological toll — repeatedly finding yourself on the menu — that pushes many victims over the edge. The rice-grain size bugs lurk in bedding and hide in tiny crevices near sleeping areas, sneaking out while their victims are comatose to feast on their blood, vampire-like, for as long as 5 to 10 minutes. Victims can become nervous and jumpy, constantly feeling phantom bites and crawling skin. Sleeplessness only exacerbates their anxiety and paranoia.

If you think you have a bed bug problem, call Stern Environmental Group now. Bed bugs are easily confused with other insects and may be difficult to diagnose if you are among the many who do not develop welts in response to their bites. There is no such thing as a few bed bugs. Unbelievably prolific, a pair of the critters can turn into a major infestation in no time at all. Their size and penchant for hiding in the tiniest crevices, behind wall paper and molding, inside furniture and mattresses, makes them extremely difficult to eradicate.

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