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Is Your Cockroach Asian or German? How to ID Your Pest

Here are Some Tips on Distinguishing Between Two Types of Cockroaches.
Here are Some Tips on Distinguishing Between Two Types of Cockroaches.

Since their discovery in the U.S., the Asian cockroach has been frequently confused with its German cockroach cousin. Uncovered in Lakeland, Florida in 1986 by a professional pest control operator, the Asian roach was initially identified as a German roach. However, peculiarities in its behavior led to the discovery it was not German, Blattella germanica, as originally believed, but Blattella asahinai, the Asian cockroach. Fortunately, the NJ bed bug specialists are experts at identifying these pests.

Nearly Identical to German Roaches, Asian Roaches Differ in the Following Ways:

The primary habitat of Asian roaches is outdoors in shaded or composted areas, where fresh plant litter accumulates.

Asian cockroaches have a longer, narrower wingspan than Germans, with wings extending past the tip of their abdomen.

Unlike the German cockroach, Asian roaches are strong fliers. They are most active after sundown, but will take flight in daylight if disturbed.

Dorsal Features
When viewed from above, the stripes on the Asian roach are darker and more defined than those on the German roach.

The abdominal midsection of the Asian roach appears white, while that of the German roach appears lightly pigmented.

Egg Capsules
The egg capsules and nymphs of the Asian cockroach are smaller than those of German cockroaches.

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Cockroach Milk is High in Protein. Is It on YOUR Shopping List?

Yum, Cockroach Milk is on the Menu!
Yum, Cockroach Milk is on the Menu!

The sight of cockroaches scurrying around might prompt immediate calls for NYC cockroach exterminators, but researchers have been putting these bugs to use. Researchers in Bangalore, India have been studying milk made from cockroaches.

Nutrients in Cockroach Milk

Although it might not sound pleasant or appetizing, cockroach milk has been found to contain important nutrients. Scientists at the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine determined that this milk contains four times the energy found in cow’s milk and three times the energy found in buffalo milk. The protein crystals in cockroach milk contain several essential amino acids, sugars and lipids that are needed for energy.

Cockroach Milk Candidates

Not all cockroaches can be milked. Researchers found that only female cockroaches that are around 54 days old and belong to the Diploptera Punctate species are able to be milked. These cockroaches, which live in the Pacific area, give birth to live young. Interestingly, the milk in these bugs isn’t liquid milk that we’re familiar with. Instead, it comes in the form of crystals.

While cockroach milk could be beneficial one day, the roaches you see around the NYC area aren’t good candidates for it. If you’re having problems with these pests, it’s important to have professional exterminators in the NYC area eliminate them as soon as possible.

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Setting Up House: Cockroaches Create Their Own “Neighborhoods”

Setting Up House: Cockroaches Create Their Own "Neighborhoods"
Setting Up House: Cockroaches Create Their Own “Neighborhoods”

Are people on the Upper West Side really so different from the kids in Williamsburg? If we’re talking about the NYC cockroach population, the answer is yes. Research from Rockefeller University sheds light on the distinct genetics found in cockroach “neighborhoods” throughout the city.

Lead scientist Mark Stoeckle recently sat down with National Geographic to talk about the National Cockroach Project and what they’ve found in Manhattan, Roosevelt Island, and beyond.

Cockroaches, like New Yorkers, love their neighborhoods.

The Second Avenue Subway won’t be revolutionizing the commute for cockroaches anytime soon.

The National Cockroach Project has been genetically tracking cockroaches from all over the country, crowd-sourcing the critters from people who mail them in. Scientists were surprised to find identifiable genetic differences in roaches of the same species from opposite sides of Central Park.

Stoeckle likes to say that cockroaches have a lot in common with New Yorkers. They descend from immigrants, they have a lot in common with each other, but they do stick to their own turf.

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Bug scientists often say that pests like cockroaches get a worse reputation than they deserve—but when asked what they do at home, they kill them like everybody else!

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More Is Better: Grouping Stimulates Breeding in Cockroaches

German Cockroaches
German Cockroaches

Cockroaches cannot breed by themselves—but researchers in Japan have discovered that the females can reproduce when grouped without males. In other words, girls’ night out can apparently lead to pregnant cockroaches.

Asexual reproduction in cockroaches is a possibility, but lone females do not produce eggs very well. However, something about female grouping stimulates egg production.

Here’s what you need to know about the news:

• Parthenogenesis is the term for asexual reproduction due to a lack of mating partners.

• Many species breed by both sexual reproduction and parthenogenesis, but it wasn’t previously known that cockroaches did it more in female groupings.

• The study may lead to better understanding of cockroach breeding and thus better methods of controlling cockroaches.

Getting Rid of a Cockroach Infestation

Killing individual cockroaches on a daily basis gets old quickly. Whether you have a restaurant, hotel, retail store, or business office with a break room, they keep coming back. For professional NYC cockroach exterminators, eliminating eggs has always been the hardest part of the job.

Science has advanced quite a bit to help with cockroach control. We now use a modern pest control system called Cryonite to freeze cockroaches—and their eggs—with CO2. That means our NYC cockroach exterminators are green, safe, non-toxic, and amazingly effective. It’s the perfect combination for commercial pest control for offices, apartments, and more.

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Will We See Flying Cockroaches Again this Summer Due to the Heat?

Will We See Flying Cockroaches Again?
Will We See Flying Cockroaches Again?

The summer heat gets many New Yorkers out and about in the streets and parks. Unfortunately, it also makes cockroaches start buzzing around in the air.

In the sweltering dog days of 2016, we heard numerous reports of flying cockroaches throughout the city. Roaches skittering across the floor or walking on the ceiling is bad enough. Is there anything grosser than a cockroach flying toward you?

Entomologists and NYC cockroach exterminators have weighed in on why they think cockroaches fly during hot weather, but the exact reasons are unknown. What is known is that roaches fly more in heat and humidity. Of note, people in the hot and humid southern states are far more accustomed to roaches spreading their wings.

What to Do if You’re Seeing More Cockroaches

Cockroaches on the move? By air, land, or sea, they’re looking for food and nesting grounds. They fly during the summer because they apparently feel more comfortable doing so than in cold weather.

You shouldn’t be afraid to turn the lights on at night or worried about roaches crawling on your kitchen counter at night. And you certainly shouldn’t have to live in fear of flying cockroaches. Our NYC cockroach exterminators can take care of a recurring pest problem.

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