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Cryonite Treatment for Cockroaches

Cryonite Treatment for Cockroaches
Cryonite Treatment for Cockroaches

When it comes to NJ pest control for cockroaches, the use of chemical sprays raises some concerns for property owners, such as the risk of health issues. Fortunately, there’s another option for eliminating these pests. Cryonite provides a way for pest control professionals to freeze cockroaches to death.

How Cryonite Works

Cryonite involves the use of carbon dioxide in a “snow” form. Liquid carbon dioxide is stored in a tank and transformed into a frozen “mist” that reaches temperatures of roughly 108 degrees below zero. When these frozen particles make contact with insects, they kill these bugs quickly.

Even though cockroaches are able to survive in colder temperatures, they can’t handle the sudden and severe drop in temperature when Cryonite particles hit them.

Benefits of Cryonite

Cryonite provides a safe and effective way to kill cockroaches. After being sprayed, Cryonite turns into a gas form and evaporates, which doesn’t leave any residue behind. This type of pest control can be used on a wide range of surfaces where cockroaches are lurking, including furniture, pipes and outlets.

With the use of Cryonite, cockroach eggs are also destroyed, which helps protect homes and businesses from ongoing or additional cockroach infestations.

If you need NJ pest control for cockroaches or other bugs, please contact Stern Environmental Group. Our technicians use Cryonite to eliminate insect pests in your NJ home or business.

Why is Cryonite So Deadly to Bed Bugs and Other Pests?

Why is Cryonite So Deadly to Bed Bugs and Other Pests?
Why is Cryonite So Deadly to Bed Bugs and Other Pests?

As insecticide-resistant pests become increasingly more common, NJ pest control experts remain on the lookout for new pest control treatment systems. Safe and nontoxic, Cryonite is among the most effective on the market.

How Does Cryonite Work?

Used extensively in Europe and Australia, Cryonite eliminates hard to kill pests such as bed bugs and German cockroaches in all life stages, including eggs, by freezing them to death on contact. Applied with a Cryonite machine, a spray of liquid CO2 (carbon dioxide) creates cold, dry ice, crystalizing pests and stopping them in their tracks.

Say Goodbye to Messy Chemical Sprays

Nontoxic and nonpoisonous, Cryonite leaves behind no wet or sticky residues. At normal temperatures, it simply evaporates. Recycled from industrial processes, it’s a green treatment solution.

Pesticide Resistant Pests Don’t Stand a Chance

Cryonite is an effective treatment for even the most challenging insect infestations, penetrating deep within cracks, crevices, and furnishings where insects hide. Because Cryonite is chemical-free, there’s no risk of pests developing a resistance to pest control measures.

Sensitive Individuals and Workspaces Are Safe from Chemicals

Even for the most sensitive individuals and environments, CO2 presents no risk of contamination or adverse health effects.

NJ pest control needs getting tough to meet? Stern Environmental has you covered, offering some of the most innovative new pest control treatments on the market. Solve your toughest pest control problems. Contact us today.

Cryonite the -110 Degree Fahrenheit Bedbug Freezing Treatment is Best

Cryonite is Very Effective in Killing All Phases of Bedbugs Including Eggs
Cryonite is Very Effective in Killing All Phases of Bedbugs Including Eggs

Many people envision bedbugs being snug and warm in their home cuddled up in the blankets just waiting for someone to slip between the sheets and become their late night buffet.

While this scenario is true, bedbugs aren’t limited to just mattresses. These bloodsucking pests are extremely mobile and will infiltrate a variety of items from luggage and backpacks to packed up boxes and your clothing.

Getting Rid of Bedbugs

While there are numerous over-the-counter bedbug sprays available, none are truly effective on exterminating bedbugs. And with limitations in the types of sprays that pest control services can use, bed bugs are on the march in building their population.

One way bedbugs can be eliminated is by freezing them. This procedure requires a specialized product know as Cryonite®. The bedbug freeze treatment takes the temperature down to very cold levels for rapid freezing.

About Cyronite®

This non-toxic method uses CO2 (carbon dioxide) that is transformed into dry ice-like snow. The snow is dispersed into the area using a machine. The bedbug freeze treatment is not poisonous and doesn’t contaminate the area. It works quickly by freezing the bugs and quickly killing them.

If you’re experiencing a bedbug infestation or concerned that bedbugs may be in your home, contact the professionals at Stern Environmental Group. Our knowledgeable and experienced service technicians will inspect your property and apply the treatment.

Burning Your Home is One Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs – May We Suggest Cryonite Instead?

How Cryonite Can Help You

As your NJ bed bug specialist, we know that there are a lot of different ways to rid your home of bed bugs. People try everything from pesticides in a can to using hair dryers in every crevice of their homes. However, one man took a more drastic approach and he decided to set his house on fire.

Arson or Bed Bug Control?

There’s no doubt that people become desperate when they find out they have bed bugs, but only one has gone so far as to set his house on fire. According to the police report, the owner stated that he became overwhelmed because of the bites his wife was suffering. He purchased five gallons of gas and then proceeded to start the fire. A police officer found him sitting across the street in his pickup truck as the house burned.

Cryonite: The Better Way to Kill Bed Bugs

Cryonite is a much better solution. For one, you won’t have to worry about being taken in on criminal arson charges; and for two, all of your belongings will remain intact after your home has been treated with Cryonite. It works by freezing bed bugs and their eggs, which means that it’s a non-toxic method.

Your NJ bed bug specialist can help you get rid of your bed bug problem using the latest, most effective methods. If you’d like to know more, please contact us.

The EPA Weighs in DIY Freezing Does Not Work!

How Cryonite Can Help You
DIY Freezing Does Not Work

The possibility of a bed bug infestation is a possibility no matter how clean your home may be. These bloodsucking pests are avid travelers that attach themselves to a variety of mobile transport items such as backpacks, totes, luggage and clothing.

The bugs are not picky about their mode of transportation as long as they have a snug and cozy place to call home once they arrive at their destination. This can be inside packed boxes, mattresses, box springs, headboards, curtains, drawers and crevices.

Eliminating bed bugs can be a challenge. One of the best ways to avoid an infestation is by decluttering your home to remove hiding places. Using bed encasements help protect bedding and regularly washing linens, bedspreads, comforters and blankets supports a no bed bug environment,

There are several methods used to kill bed bugs. Over-the-counter sprays may or may not be effective depending on the level of infestation. While freezing is one of the processes used to kill bed bugs, trying this on your own may not have the desired results as a very low temperature must be maintained for a significant length of time. A better option is contacting your NYC bedbug specialists who uses Cryonite, a non-toxic freezing treatment to eradicate the bugs.

When you need help from NYC bedbug specialists, give us a call at Stern Environmental Group. We have a cool solution to your bed bug dilemma.