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Did Bed Bug Heat Treatment Spark Another Inferno? Part II Of II

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New York City pest control professionals say that bed bug infestations are not considered a health threat as they are not known to spread diseases to humans, but they are not an easy pest to eliminate once they have made your home or business their home.  In the United States, over-the-counter pesticides have proven to be ineffective on bed bug treatments, and in many cases, cause the infestation to worsen, as the bugs tend to spread from room to room.

Out of sheer desperation, many homeowners have resorted to unsafe practices as a means of ridding their homes of the blood thirsty pests.  There have been many reports of homeowners, and untrained pest control applicators, using pesticides that are intended for exterior use, on the interior of homes, to eradicate bed bugs.  There have been other reports of people applying dangerous chemicals on their clothing, bedding, carpets, children and themselves in an effort to try to avoid being bitten by bed bugs.  These practices have proven to be very dangerous to humans and pets.

Bed bugs cannot stand the heat so some exterminators are using heat treatment as a means of treating bed bug infestations.  Bed bugs and their eggs are subject to death at temperatures over 120 degrees.  When typical heat treatment is used, propane tanks are attached to heaters which raise the temperature of the structure for several hours, baking all creepy critters and their eggs inside.  Because of the extreme heat used, there have been occasions when fires have erupted when this treatment has been utilized. reported on May 15, 2011 of a home in Cincinnati, Ohio that caught fire when bed bug heat treatment was being used.  You may read the article here.

As an alternative to extreme heat treatments, Stern Environmental Group offers the opposite…rapid freezing.  Cryonite is extremely effective at killing bed bugs as well as all other types of pests.  It’s non-toxic and will kill bed bugs in all stages of their life by freezing them to death!

When you have a bed bug infestation, it’s important to choose a pest control professional with experience in safe and effective bed bug eradication procedures.  For expert bed bug removal services in New York and New Jersey, contact Stern Environmental Group.

The Verdict Is In…Dismissed! Part I Of II

Just the mention of bed bugs to many New York City residents can send shivers down their spines.  Since the pesky bloodsuckers made their way into the spotlight a few years back, New York City has been dubbed our nations “bed bug capitol”.  Typically nocturnal, these hitchhiking parasites have made their way into daytime venues too.  NYC retail stores, courtroom, hospitals, and offices have all reported trouble with NYC bed bug infestations.

It’s a high profile bed bug lawsuit that many people around the United States have been itching…pardon the pun…to learn the verdict of….

According to the much publicized reports, in October of 2007 Jane Clark claims that she was repeatedly bitten bybloodsucking bed bugs while working at the offices of Fox News in New York City.  According to court documents, she claims that the daytime munching continued even after Fox News relocated its office to another floor in the building in the early part of 2008.

Fox New was quick to react to the bed bug infestation and hired a pest control expert in October of 2007.  Pest control began chemical treatments of the office building on December 1, 2007.  It should be noted that the delay in providing immediate pest control treatment could have helped contribute to the spreading and multiplication of the bed bugs within the office.  The eradication services continued at Fox News even after the company moved to their new location within the building.

Despite the chemical treatments that ensued, the bed bug infestation persisted at Fox News.  Extensive efforts were made to get rid of the NYC bed bug infestation.  Fox News installed insect monitors, hired bed bug sniffing dogs, Cryonite was used to freeze the bed bugs and their eggs…and yet the bugs still remained.

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A Bed Bug Infestation Can Drive Customers Away Part I Of II

Having a bed bug infestation in any hotel or motel environment is bad news for any establishment as it can cause customers to cancel their reservations.  In the worst case scenarios, some hotel guests have even taken legal action against hotels and motels after they have been attacked by bed bugs.  We are seeing more often than not, that judges are awarding payouts to plaintiffs who are suing for bed bug bites and bed bug extermination services after hotel guests have picked up hitchhiking bed bugs from hotels and motels.

With the ease of use of the internet and variety of sources available to expose bed bug infestations at hotels available, all hotels should be proactive about bed bug claims from guests, whether they are actual or mistaken, so that their reputation can be protected.

A disgruntled hotel guest recently posted a video of their “bed bug infestation” at a popular hotel in Manchester, New Hampshire on the often viewed YouTube website.  The video named the hotel (we won’t) and showed the supposed “bed bugs” that infested the hotel room.  The video was eventually viewed by experts who determined that the bugs in question were not the dreaded bloodsucking bed bugs at all and instead were box elder bugs.

Bed bugs and box elder bugs are two very different types of critters.  Bed bugs feed on human blood and cause a great deal of trouble for hotels as well as those that are bitten by the little vampires.  Adult box elder bugs are about three times larger than adult bed bugs and are bright red and black in color.  Box elder bugs do not feed on human blood and pose no health threat.  Like other types of nuisance pests, box elder bugs come indoors seeking a warm spot to escape the winter cold.

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Every Business Needs A Pest Control Specialist

A cockroach, mouse, or rat infestation can be a horrible mess for any commercial business.  Restaurants and hotels can suffer terribly from these disgusting pests because these creatures love to hang out where food, water, and shelter sources are a plenty.

A pest infestation is bad for business in many ways.  Infestations will not only drive needed customers away, they are also known to shut businesses down completely as well.  Having an unwanted pest infestation at your restaurant can easily destroy your food supply.  Mice and rats carry dangerous diseases in their urine and feces.  They contaminate food preparation areas and chew into food supplies.  Cockroaches transmit bacteria and can bring disease into your environment.  No food source is off-limits to a cockroach.  They will eat anything, including another cockroach if need be.

The presence of mice, rats, or cockroaches can easily tarnish or destroy completely a company’s professional reputation.  Once patrons hear about a cockroach infestation at a restaurant or hotel, they are likely to head for the hills!  Customers often remain leery for a long time after the reported pest problem has been taken care of, in fear that it could return at any time.

Businesses would be wise to consider having a pest control specialist perform pest inspections and treatment at regular intervals to keep unwanted pests at bay.  Commercial pest control services are a small price to pay in comparison to a business losing its long standing good reputation.

Stern Environmental Group has been providing expert pest control services for over 10 years to businesses in Secaucus, New Jersey, the Greater New York City Metro and the Connecticut Regions.  If your business is experiencing rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, spiders, bees, or other problematic pests; give us a call and we will send our trained technicians out to get rid of your pests!

How Can Stern Environmental Group Help You With Your Bed Bugs?

Stern Environmental Group offers the most up-to-date products, services, information, and articles to help you with your bed bug infestation issues.

Stop by our website to view the vast amount of information that we have collected about bed bugs.  We are often asked what bed bug bites look like.  Click on our photo link to see how these painful and itchy welts can affect you if you are unlucky enough to encounter the bugs.  You will also find valuable photographs of actual bed bug infestations that will assist you in your travels so that you know what you should be looking for when you check into your hotel room or if you think you might have a bed bug infestation at your home.

Many people think that having bed bugs means that they must throw out their bed bug infested mattress.  Stern Environmental Group and Protect-A-Bed allows you the opportunity to save your expensive mattress instead.  Click on the Encasement Info link on our website to find out how these state-of-the-art mattress encasements will seal bed bugs, and their eggs, in forever so that you will not have to go through the expense of purchasing a new mattress!

Stern Environmental Group offers the best bed bug services as well.  Cryonite is the newest and most effective treatment in bed bugs.  This innovative product is non-toxic and will kill pesky pesticide resistant bed bugs (and other bugs too) by rapidly freezing them!  This amazing treatment even works on bed bug eggs!  Another great tool in Stern’s arsenal is the bed bug sniffing dog.  Sniffer dogs work fast and with incredible accuracy.  Bed bug sniffing dogs are able to detect large amounts of bed bugs, bed bugs eggs, and even just one single bed bug that is hiding in the most obscure location.

Stop by our website to see how Stern Environmental Group can help you!  We are a licensed pest control specialist who provides services to Secaucus, New Jersey, the Greater New York City Metro and Connecticut Regions.  Give us a call today!