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Bed Bugs Apparently Like To Go Shopping!

If you live in New York or New Jersey, you have likely heard about the unfortunate bed bug infestation problems that have been popping up in upscale retail establishments in Manhattan lately. Abercrombie & Fitch Co closed a store in the South Street Seaport and on Fifth Avenue because of bed bug infestations.  Preppy teen clothing store Hollister was hit and had to shut their doors due to an infestation.  Just this past week, Victoria’s Secret discovered that they too had bed bugs at one of their New York City locations.

Each of the stores treated their respected bed bug infestations in different ways; but it makes you wonder if it is safe to shop at any store because of the potential of bringing bed bugs home.  As a great customer service gesture, Hollister offered bed bug sniffing dog services to their customers.  Most people checked out fine, but some Hollister customers did indeed test positive for bed bug infestations.

Some pest control experts have gone on the record and said that the stores in question have reopened too quickly and that customers are still at risk of bringing home the creepy blood suckers.  Bed bugs are difficult to eradicate in a building, and the infestation could still be looming, despite the fact that the merchandise in question was removed and gas fumigation was used on the clothing.  It should be noted that Victoria’s Secret decided to destroy all of their affected merchandise rather than put it through the fumigation process.

People used to just be concerned about bed bugs when they travel to hotels and motels because bed bugs are known to be problematic occurrences.  These recent retail bed bug incidents make you worried to shop, as it brings to light the fact that bed bugs could be anywhere at any moment in time.  If you think you have encountered bed bugs in New York or New Jersey, contact a bed bug expert today!

Exterminators Should Always Be Licensed Part II Of II

Continuing from Thursday…

Not only is Josimar Ferreira accused of operating a Massachusetts extermination company without being certified, but it has been reported that he has also allegedly maintained pest control companies in New Jersey and New York as well.  Both New Jersey and New York have cited Ferreira for operating an unlicensed pesticide business.  It makes you wonder how he is able to obtain toxic pesticides, without being properly licensed.  Clearly there was a breakdown…in three states!

Stern Environmental Group has been providing expert bed bug and pest control services in New Jersey and New York for over ten years.  We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the safest pesticide application available, and offer a wide variety of services and products to meet many different types of needs.  We offer professional services to both residential and business customers alike.  Whether you are looking for help with bed bugs, rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, ants, spiders, cockroaches, or bee control, Stern Environmental Group’s licensed pest control applicators are here to lend a helping hand!

Without Proper Treatment, Bed Bugs Will Return Part II Of II

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The trouble is that disinfecting a building will not get rid of bed bugs as an infestation is not caused by being unclean.  Even the cleanest five star hotels have been subjected to bed bug infestations.  The metal bunk beds could be a good solution, but since bed bugs are good at hiding, any crack, crevice, or even a screw hole is an invitation for bed bugs to await their next blood meal…the residents.  Bug bombs are not good to use on bed bug infestations.  Instead of killing off the pests, these stubborn blood suckers tend to scatter to surrounding rooms when bug bombs are used, thereby spreading the infestation faster.

Additionally, the Salvation Army is hoping that the heat that is generated in the box truck will be high enough to kill off the existing bed bugs that are infesting the bunk beds.  According to their spokesperson, the beds are due to be donated at a later date once the bugs are dead.

Because the resident’s belongings were not treated, there will likely be more bed bugs at the facility.  Bed bug monitors, bed bug sniffing dogs, and Cryonite are super effective in the war against bed bugs!

Without Proper Treatment, Bed Bugs Will Return Part I Of II

There is quite a bit of interesting information floating around the internet about how to properly treat a bed bug infestation.  Some people follow bad advice and end up spending time and money treating the problem only to have them return with a vengeance.  It’s important that you have a good pest control specialist on your side who knows exactly how to properly treat bed bugs!

The Salvation Army shelter in Fayetteville, North Carolina has been battling bed bugs for more than a year.  This past weekend, 25 volunteers stepped in to help the agency scrub the walls with bleach, buff the floors and haul away thirty wooden bunk bed that were infested with the blood suckers.

Reports are that the facility started their day off by setting of “bug bombs” prior to the cleaning and taking all of the infected beds to an awaiting box truck outside.  The agency reported that the beds were replaced with metal bunk beds so bed bugs could not “burrow into the wood”. The old mattresses were replaced with hypoallergenic ones that are wrapped in thick plastic.

Only some of their efforts sound like a good plan.

Please check back on Tuesday for the conclusion.

Is A Bed Bug Infestation Getting You Down in New York or New Jersey? Part II Of II

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When you have a bed bug infestation, you must then decide on the best way to rid yourself of the pesky bugs.  Do you try to treat them yourself (this rarely works!).  Do you hire an exterminator to fumigate?  Do you hire an exterminator that uses heat treatment?  Do you use steam treatment?  How about freezing the bed bugs?  People also wonder if bed bug sniffing dogs are really worth hiring to try to treat bed bugs (absolutely, they are amazing!).  You must also purchase mattress encasements to make certain that you save your expensive mattress, but where can you find them?

There are many decisions to be made and much work to do when you have a bed bug infestation.

The fact is that most people are overwhelmed by the entire bed bug infestation experience, and rightly so.  A bed bug infestation will disrupt every aspect of your life!  Without proper assistance, the bed bug nightmare can and will linger for quite some time.  The good news is that help is available.  It is critical that you hire an experienced bed bug expert who has the most up-to-date products and services available to their customers in order to reach complete eradication.

Stern Environmental Group provides fast, discreet and professional bed bug services to Secaucus, New Jersey, the Greater New York City Metro and Connecticut Regions.  We service both businesses and homes.  Give us a call today!