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Getting Rid of Pests Without Pesticides: #1 Close the Door On Your Pest Problem

You close a door when you don’t want something that’s outside to come inside your home. So, it would make sense that when you don’t want pests in your home, you should probably close off their doors. There are other ways to keep those pesky pests out of your home without resorting to poisonous chemicals that are harmful to you, as well, or messy traps that leave corpses all over your beautiful abode, and some of these techniques are as complicated as closing your actual door. Crazy, huh? The problem with most of these solutions is that you actually have to get up instead of having someone else do it for you. But, if you have the awesome will power to do so, you can end your problem without spending buckets of cash every year.

First, close up the spaces around utility entry ways, and while you’re at it, you should probably get those cracks in the foundation, as well. Secondly, walk over to your front door. Do you see it blowing open in the wind? Close it! Along with poorly sealed windows and vents, this is a main reason you see all those bugs crawling in and setting up camp. Thirdly, repaint or stain the exterior wood of your home. It’s like a colorful, little force field for your insect friends, or should you say, enemies. Fourthly, keep all storage items in your house in plastic, not cardboard. And last, but not least, always inspect new items that you bring into your home. You never know when you are harboring a gigantic bird-eating spider in your banana bunch.

It sounds like a lot, but mostly it’s stuff you should do on a regular basis just to keep your house looking neat. Keep it up year round, and you won’t see those bugs sitting in their camp grounds eating your food as their picnic.