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Groundhogs In The Spring

The groundhog is best known throughout the United States for its ability to predict the early arrival of spring which is determined when he emerges from his lair in Western Pennsylvania in early February.  The fun tradition of having Punxsutawney Phil predict spring may have many people believing that the large rodent is all fun and games, but having a groundhog living in your yard means you will endure significant damage to your landscaping.

Groundhogs are from the marmot family.  They are considered to be docile rodents that do not attack humans and are considered to be disease free. Groundhogs however do have a huge appetite for vegetation, especially grasses, clover and alfalfa. New York and New Jersey homeowners often become frustrated with groundhogs as these rodents can easily consume an entire vegetable garden overnight as well.

Groundhogs are also known as “woodchucks” or “whistle pigs”.  Groundhogs have long curved claws which enable them to dig their burrows beneath the soil. Groundhogs feed in the morning and evening hours.  At times people will see them basking in the sun during the afternoon hours.  Groundhogs are one of the few mammals that go into true hibernation which is why they consume an extreme amount of vegetation in the late summer and early fall.

New York and New Jersey homeowners should never try to poison groundhogs as they will consume the poison and move on to another area.  The poisoned bodies can then be consumed by pets or other wildlife which will also become poisoned and will die.  A licensed NY and NJ pest control professional like Stern Environmental Group will be able to humanely trap groundhogs quickly and efficiently.  We offer 24 emergency groundhog removal services so that your property will be protected from these voracious eaters.  Call us today!

What Kind Of Damage Can A Groundhog Do?

For many people, groundhogs are interesting furry critters that are fun to watch scurry around to and fro.  Groundhogs are also known as woodchucks and whistle dogs.  Despite them being ground dwelling critters, they are members of the squirrel family.  Unlike other animals such as raccoons, they are not typically an aggressive species when they come in contact with humans or pets.

Although it can be neat watching these wild animals up close near our home, there is a danger to having them living on your property.  A single groundhog is capable of moving up to 700 pounds of soil as it completes its tunneling system.  Depending on where the tunnel runs are, the lack of soil can undermine the foundation of a home, shed, garage, deck, gazebo, or patio area.

Groundhogs are also known for their voracious appetites. Feeding in the morning and evening hours, it is not uncommon for one groundhog to consume two pounds of fresh vegetation each day.  To an avid gardener, this can quickly put an end to a vegetable garden or special landscaping.  Besides consuming various types of fruits and vegetables, groundhogs will also eat expensive ornamental plants if they find them to be tasty treats.

Homeowners often try groundhog repellents, which rarely work at keeping groundhogs away.  Once groundhogs begin to breed in April or May, there will soon be baby groundhogs to contend with as well.  Babies only stay with their mother for about five weeks before venturing off on their own.  They do not stray far though. Baby groundhogs often dig up nearby tunnels for their new den in the same area as their mother resides…and the cycle repeats itself.

NJ pest control professionals know that the only way to rid an area of groundhogs is to hire licensed pest control professional with experience in wildlife removal.  Stern Environmental Group has the expertise to properly remove groundhogs in a humane way.  Call us today for fast service.

Groundhog Populations Continue To Rise

Groundhogs are known by several different names.  They are also called woodchucks or whistle pigs, and are considered endangered and are a protected species in Wisconsin.  Oddly enough, they seem to be multiplying in New York, New Jersey and just about every other area across the United States.

Groundhogs are one of the greatest challenges for homeowners this time of year, especially if you are trying to grow a vegetable garden.  Gardeners become quite annoyed because groundhogs can easily eat up to two pounds of vegetation each day.  They too enjoy the bountiful treats of nature as they feast on gardens and landscaping.  It only takes one night for one groundhog to mow down an average size backyard garden.  People  often try using electric fences, regular fences, bricks, hair, urine, and rotten egg juice to keep groundhog away; but these pesky creatures still seem to find their way into gardens.  Once a groundhog has moved on to your property, it is nearly impossible to get rid of them without the help from a pest control specialist.

Because of their constant burrowing and excavating skills, groundhogs have been known to cause considerable damage to foundations and they can even undermine the structure of swimming pools or other structures.  Although not always the case, groundhogs can be the carrier of the rabies virus as well as the hepatitis virus.

If you have groundhogs making a mess of your landscaping in New York or New Jersey, contact Stern Environmental Group today.  We provide humane expert groundhog removal service to our customers in Secaucus, New Jersey, the Greater New York City Metro and Connecticut Regions.  Don’t let groundhogs damage your expensive landscaping.  Take advantage of our 24 hour emergency groundhog removal services today.

Groundhogs Are Cute, But Quite A Nuisance!

Groundhogs are adorably cute when you look at them from your kitchen window.  The trouble comes when they decide to set up their humble abode on your property.  Groundhogs spend their mornings and evenings feasting on almost two pounds of delicious vegetation each day.  Nice landscaping will not stand a chance against a groundhog invasion.  In a short while, they can nibble your plants to the ground.  Groundhogs are also carriers of rabies in New York, New Jersey and other parts of the US, so you need to be careful not to approach them.

Just recently, one Minnesota county was so fed up with the damage the groundhogs were causing to property owners, and their over population status, that they came up with an interesting and somewhat morbid solution to the problem.  This particular county put a bounty on the groundhogs head…well, actually their feet.  County residents were paid $2 for every two pair of groundhog feet that were turned into a local agency on one particular day.  Hunters spent the entire spring killing off groundhogs and collecting their feet to get ready for the big pay-off from the county.  I can’t even imagine bringing in a big sack of groundhog feet!  Yuck!

It just seems so much easier, and much more humane, to contact a licensed pest control expert who is trained in the removal of groundhogs instead.  If you have groundhogs tearing up your yard or garden and munching away at your landscaping, contact Stern Environmental Group today!  Our trained operators will humanely remove troublesome groundhogs from your property fast!

Exterminators Should Always Be Licensed Part II Of II

Continuing from Thursday…

Not only is Josimar Ferreira accused of operating a Massachusetts extermination company without being certified, but it has been reported that he has also allegedly maintained pest control companies in New Jersey and New York as well.  Both New Jersey and New York have cited Ferreira for operating an unlicensed pesticide business.  It makes you wonder how he is able to obtain toxic pesticides, without being properly licensed.  Clearly there was a breakdown…in three states!

Stern Environmental Group has been providing expert bed bug and pest control services in New Jersey and New York for over ten years.  We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the safest pesticide application available, and offer a wide variety of services and products to meet many different types of needs.  We offer professional services to both residential and business customers alike.  Whether you are looking for help with bed bugs, rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, ants, spiders, cockroaches, or bee control, Stern Environmental Group’s licensed pest control applicators are here to lend a helping hand!