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Nocturnal ‘Gardeners’ Can Destroy Lawn

While I appreciate the gardening help, I do wish they’d be a little more careful. Aerating your lawn is a healthy thing to do every few years. It loosens compacted soil and gives plant and tree roots more room to breathe and absorb nutrients. As kids we used to help Dad aerate the lawn by sticking long-bladed garden forks into the ground, wiggling them around a bit and moving up a step to do it again … and again … and again … and again … and, well, you get the picture. It was like a game of Mother May I that never went anywhere.

The finer points of lawn aeration seem to be lost on the neighborhood raccoon crew that has decided to help me out. Every morning I wake up to find another swath of dirt stretching across my backyard. Sometimes the sod is expertly peeled back to expose the tasty grubs the animals are looking for and is easily replaced. More often, chunks of sod are torn apart and overturned with dirt making an impossible jigsaw puzzle of my lawn. No amount of grub control insecticide seems to deter them. A grub or two always seems to survive, renewing the raccoons’ hopes for a tasty feast. My yard retains its 5-star rating in the raccoon Michelin Guide!

Raccoons, opossums, skunks, woodchucks and other wild animals can become real pests when they try to muscle in on your lawn or garden. When you spend hours sweating in the yard and hundreds of dollars on Weed ‘n’ Feed, Turf Builder, mulch, plants, bulbs and seeds, you tend to get a little possessive about your turf and a wee bit cranky when nighttime bandits steal in and tear it up for a midnight snack. Time to call in the pros.

If nuisance wildlife has made a home in your yard or home, call the professionals at Stern Environmental Group. Don’t let the destruction, disease and midnight snack attacks they bring with them make your life miserable. Our expert technicians can rout out these dangerous unwanted guests and stop their destruction of your home, returning your yard to the peaceful oasis you always wanted.

Stern Environmental Group offers a full range of effective pest management and pest control services. Visit our website for complete information, and click the post title for more information about our wildlife control services. You’ll sleep better tonight when you get “Stern” with your pests.