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Signs You May Have a Subterranean Termite Infestation

Commercial Termite Treatment by Stern Environmental
Commercial Termite Treatment by Stern Environmental

Were those termites or flying ants? It’s best to differentiate the two quickly and contact NJ pest control to help if needed, as subterranean termites can cause extensive damage fast. How can you spot a subterranean termite infestation?

Swarming Termites, or ‘Flying Ants’

When warm, rainy spring weather sets in, it triggers established colonies of subterranean termites to swarm. These ‘swarmers,’ winged reproductive female and male termites, are sent out every 3-5 years. This means if you’ve seen swarmers, your property has been housing active termites for a long time.

Swarmers are commonly mistaken for flying ants. However, on closer inspection you will notice a couple of differences. Termites have straight antennae (ants, bent). They also have four wings of the same size (ants, two large front/two small back wings).

Wing Accumulations

Swarmer termites shed their wings after mating. Piling on windowsills or around other areas of your home, they can resemble fish scales. If wings are all the same size, you likely have an infestation.

Honeycomb Patterned Wood Damage

Because subterranean termites tunnel into softer wood and leave the external grain intact, they typically create a distinctive honeycomb pattern in damaged wood.

Uncertain if you have termites? Subterranean termite nests grow quickly and often remain undetected for years. Prevent serious damage! Identify termite warning signs fast with the help of the NJ pest control experts at Stern Environmental. Contact us today.

National Alert Sent About Termite Fumigation and Kids

Termite Issues
Termite Issues

Getting rid of pests that can cause considerable damage to homes and businesses is essential, but it’s even more important to do so safely. Pest control services that use fumigation and other potentially toxic chemicals to eliminate pests can have serious health risks.

A national alert was recently released when a 10-year-old boy in Florida was poisoned after being around chemicals used for a termite infestation. The boy and his family had their home treated for termites by a pest control company that used a sub-contractor. Treatment involved tenting the house and applying chemicals designed to destroy termites. When the family returned to their home two days later, they all became sick soon after. Ten-year-old Peyton McCaughey suffered a serious illness from exposure to the chemicals and might not be able to speak or walk again.

The national alert urges pest control companies to make sure they’re using safe methods to remove bugs and other pests from homes and businesses. This alert is also a good reminder for building owners that it’s crucial to hire a pest control company that offers nontoxic forms of treatment. This helps reduce the risk of having occupants become ill from exposure to pest control chemicals.

Don’t take health risks when it comes to NJ commercial pest control. Contact Stern Environmental Group for safe and reliable pest control if you have a bug infestation.

Cockroaches to Termites What’s Next?

The Trouble With Cockroaches
Termites From Cockroaches?

Two of the most hated insects on the planet likely share a common origin, according to the National University of Singapore’s sciences department. Researchers believe the voracious termite evolved from the highly prolific and resilient coach roach about 170 million years ago. This means termites were around long before the dinosaurs and are likely to continue thriving for many years ahead. What does this all mean to you?

They are getting tougher and smarter

Cockroaches have learned to avoid sweet-tasting traps. The termites and coach roaches know you do not want them in your home. Roaches are highly evasive and typically on move about at night. If you see them during the day, it is probably due to overcrowding, and the problems is bigger than you realize. Termites are active year-round. They eat non-stop and virtually unnoticed. They move from the ground to the wood of your home in areas you don’t go or look. These little pest and their disease-carrying ancestors can cause serious illness in your home and thousands of dollars in repair cost.

Trust the experts

While you spend very little of your time thinking about them, cockroaches and termites are constantly striving for survival of themselves and their eggs. Over-the-counter insecticides never fully get rid of them. For a thorough eradication and to keep all manner of pests from coming back, trust the pest control experts at Stern Environmental Group.

Giving the Gift of Termites – Really?

The Gift Of Termites?
The Gift Of Termites?

Perhaps as a child you can remember having an ant farm. You used to love sitting there, watching the ants as they made their way through the dirt. Sometimes you’d even give it a little shake to disrupt all of their hard work. Ant farms provided hours of entertainment for young minds.

One guy has decided that ant farms are a thing of the past, and he’s come up with an even better idea. Termite farms. The termite farms come complete with damp wood termites who feast on their very own hunk of a Douglass fir tree, so they have plenty of food to keep them happy for a long time. When it comes time to add water, you just inject a bit a couple of times a month.

Perhaps you’ve dealt with termites in your home in the past, and you can’t imagine having a termite farm on your desk, or giving your child one to play with and watch. What was the reasoning behind the invention of the termite farm? Its inventor found ants to be boring.

That may be true, but termites probably won’t be welcome in many homes across the country.

If you have a termite problem at your business or multi-family property, it’s important for you to contact a professional right away. This article might have been fun, but termites are a serious problem. We’re here to help you. Give us a call.

Are Termites A Four Seasons Pest

Year Round Termites
Year Round Termites

New Jersey has one kind of termite, the eastern subterranean termite. While there is only one type, it happens to be extremely destructive. Reticulitermes flavipes is destructive because it is hard to control. They live underground and come up to devour wood and other cellulose-based materials within your building.

Are Eastern Subterranean Termites Active in Winter?
Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes. Because the eastern subterranean termite lives underground, they are protected from even the harsh New Jersey winters. Their tunnels are well below the frost line. They enter via small cracks in the foundation and once established, they go to work. Within the heated spaces of your building, they become active and will work 24 hours a day eating everything from wood to paper.

Do You Need a Stern Termite Professional for Your Business?
The fact that these termites live underground makes infestations difficult for most people to spot. Furthermore, DIY control methods are often ineffective and you will never be certain that you have eliminated the threat. Termite control professionals from Stern Environmental have the skills and tools to identify and eradicate this dangerous and persistent pest.

Termites often swarm in the spring and summer, which may lead to the mistaken perception that they are a warm-weather problem. While they do thrive in warm weather, they are active no matter the season. This means that termite control should be a year-round endeavor on your property.