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Keep A Watch Out For Beehives In New Jersey

carpenter-bee-1Africanized bees can cause serious problems for homeowners as one family in Florida has recently just found out.

Their day began as usual with a walk with their family beagle-basset hound mix dog named Lucy.  After arriving home, they placed their dog on a seven foot chain that was attached to their front porch.  Not long after, the homeowner heard a large branch crash onto the roof above his office.  The homeowner then looked out the front window to see his beloved pet being attacked by a swarm of Africanized bees.

The homeowner had no idea that a beehive was hidden up in the tree where the branch came crashing down from.  Although the dog did nothing to provoke the attack, for whatever reason, the bees clearly regarded the poor dog as a threat.  The dog received so many bee stings that sadly it died from anaphylaxis shock.

As bad it is to lose a beloved family pet is this way, the same scenario could also play out for a child or adult.  Africanized bees can be very aggressive and cause serious and dangerous consequences to homeowners.  It is wise to contact a licensed pest control specialist who is trained in the treatment of these aggressive pests.

Banish Summer Party Crashers: Yellow Jackets

It’s too late. Too late in the season that is, for DIY yellow jacket traps. Those need to be set out in the spring so you catch the queen before she goes into major reproductive mode.

Not that those dangling plastic traps won’t fill up with yellow jackets. They will. But you won’t get them all.  Not by a long shot. Not now.

Just try having a backyard barbecue. Or a child’s birthday party with cake and ice cream. Yellow jackets love meat and they love sweets.  As soon as everyone is seated and the food is served, your guests and family will begin to grab their plates and dash inside away from the yellow jackets who will have started dive-bombing into the vittles.  So much for all the landscaping and care you gave your yard. What was the point if no one can really enjoy it because of those aggressive stinging insects?

A family in Maywood even bought a large screen-sided tent for their yard to keep yellow jackets away from their summer al fresco dinners. But then their curious cat jumped onto the tent from their roof and shredded it with his claws as he slid down.

Now they just call an expert NJ, NYC pest control company to banish the yellow jackets. You can do the same.  Then you can truly savor summer outdoors.

Stirring Up a Hornet’s Nest – Don’t Try This at Home

When someone has “stepped into a hornet’s nest,” that means they’ve unintentionally wandered into a violent or contentious situation. We say someone has “stirred up a hornet’s nest” when they provoke an attack from spiteful enemies or vociferous critics.  “Madder than a hornet” is another colloquial expression used to describe a fit of bad temper.

You get my drift. These sayings persist in our language for a reason. And that reason is hornets. These are not insects you want to mess around with.  Hornets are large, strong, aggressive insects and their sting is severe.

It’s no wonder then that anyone would be horrified to suddenly see one of their huge muddy brown tornado-shaped nests clinging to the eaves of their home. It is especially ominous now during the summer when kids are home from school and you may have small children running around the yard busy at play. A full hornet’s nest hanging over their heads is like a ticking time bomb. And heaven forbid one of the little tykes spotted it and decided to swat at it like a piñata.

Hornet nests may contain thousands of wasps which are extremely aggressive when disturbed. The nests are often located out of reach and removal is best accomplished by a professional NJ, NYC pest control firm.

The Wasps Are Coming! Part II Of II

In continuation to last Thursday…

The Wasp Hornet has a black body with a white mark on it.  They don’t chase humans, but they are very protective of their territory.  If you get too close to their nest, they will charge.

The wasp that most people have trouble with is the Yellow Jacket.  These by far are the most aggressive of all of the wasps.  They have black bodies and bright yellow stripes.  They live far below the ground and will often chase down anyone who comes near their nest.  Since they are underground, many people do not know they are there until they are being stung by the creatures.  Each year, many people mowing their lawns are attacked by yellow jackets…me included!  If you find that you have a yellow jacket nest in your yard, you should work to get rid of it immediately.  These guys are mean and nasty and pack a powerful punch, especially if you are allergic!

Some wasps can be dealt with by chemicals you buy at a home improvement store, but there is always a risk of the wasps coming after you.  If you need to get rid of any type of wasp, especially yellow jackets, call a professional wasp exterminator to do the job for you.  These tiny warriors are dangerous and should be handled carefully.

The Wasps Are Coming! Part I Of II

carpenter-bee-1Spring is here and along with the flowers, beautiful warm weather and pollen; come small creatures that have people big and small running for cover.  Wasps are common pesky critters that certainly warrant attention.

There are four common types of wasps that can be found in the average yard.  Some are docile creature and others are more aggressive ones that you should avoid.  It should also be noted the Carpet Beetles, which are hard to control, tend to gather where wasp nests form, so it is a good idea to get rid of wasps as soon as you can. 

Often time’s homeowners will see a wasp nest being built up under eaves, porches, deck railing, and even playground equipment.  These wasps are not usually aggressive unless you try to disturb their nests.  The nests are built by the females from a blend of saliva and wood.  These wasps are considered good to have around because they do eat insects that cause damage to plants, but bad because nobody wants to experience their sting.  These types of wasps are called Paper Wasps.

The Solitary Wasp is the one that usually hangs out alone.  They zip by you in your yard and don’t pay much mind to humans.  They have a long and thin body with minimal color.  Since they travel alone, they are not territorial or aggressive in most cases.  They mostly dine on garden pests like beetles and aphids.

Please check back on Tuesday for more wasp information.