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Four Tips for Hotels to Control Bed Bugs Through Interior Design

Check out These Tips to Avoid Bed Bug Infestation
Check out These Tips to Avoid Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs have been showing up in more and more hotels in the NYC area. If you’re a hotel owner or manager, it’s important to take steps to prevent infestations. Otherwise, you could end up with unhappy guests and less business overall. Our NYC bed bug specialists can help you lower the risk of having these pests in your hotel. You can also use these interior design tips to discourage bed bugs.

• Choose luggage racks carefully. Bed bugs can easily get into hotel rooms when guests put their luggage onto beds or other furniture. Have a place for guests to put their luggage where it won’t be a bed bug risk. Offer a hard-surfaced area specifically designed for suitcases and bags, rather than a rack that is kept in the closet.

• Select the right furniture. Choose upholstered couches and chairs that have fixed cushions and backrests instead of ones with loose pillows. This helps cut down on bed bug hiding spots.

• Choose simple window treatments. Avoid curtains that have a lot of pleats where bed bugs can hide. Choose wooden or non-upholstered window treatments instead.

• Move pictures away from beds. Instead, hang them on walls that are adjacent to or across from beds. Nail holes serve as places for bed bugs to lay eggs.

If your business has a bed bug problem, contact Stern Environmental. Our NYC bed bug specialists can handle infestations promptly.

Beware of Bed Bugs in Rental Furniture

A Houston woman was appalled when she discovered that the couch she was renting came with an unexpected surprise: bed bugs. After getting a few unexplained insect bites, the woman inspected her new couch and found it infested with bed bugs and clusters of their eggs.

“It’s just been hell. It’s disgusting,” Kalynn Trammell told My Fox Houston. She has endured dozens of bed bug bites that have produced raised bumps and scars that cover her back and legs. “Every bite has resulted in a scar; I now have to look at this for the rest of my life. I look like I’ve been doing drugs,” she said.

While only 50% of people react to bed bug bites, many people are allergic to the intensely itchy bites of these small blood-feeding insects. Bed bug bites typically produce large, itchy welts and hives that look like mosquito bites on steroids. Scratching can cause bites to become infected and scar.

Used and rental furniture are frequent sources of bed bug infestations. People are also warned not to bring home furniture picked up off the street. The Houston rental center says their furniture is “sanitized” before being rented or sold; but furniture must be subjected to high heat for the proper length of time to kill bed bugs. Rental centers might profit from purchasing the ZappBug Room which is large enough to heat treat a couch or other large piece of furniture. Check it out on our online store.

How to Avoid Bed Bugs when Traveling

If holiday travels, winter vacations or upcoming spring break plans will put you in a hotel, resort or beach rental, bed bugs need to be on your radar. Your risk of coming into contact with bed bugs goes up when you travel and sleep in rooms shared by multiple guests.

Bed bugs travel into hotel rooms in the luggage of guests. When suitcases open, blood-sucking bed bugs scurry out to hide in the room. If you’re the next guest, you’ll find yourself the featured treat of the midnight buffet.

Unlike other insects, bed bugs aren’t attracted by filth which means they’re as likely to be found in 5-star hotels as cheap highway overnighters. They don’t live on their human meal tickets but hide in crevices in and around beds. A clean room and clean sheets are no guarantee that your hotel room is bed bug-free.

To avoid bed bugs when traveling, never lay your suitcase on the bed. Use a luggage rack or table top. Pull down sheets and blankets and inspect the bed for bugs or fecal smears along mattress edges. Check behind the headboard, along carpet edges and inside drawers.

For more information on protecting yourself from bed bugs while traveling, click here to download Stern’s helpful bed bug traveler’s card. Stern also offers bed bug-killing travel products that can help keep your vacation bed bug-free.