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Passive Bed Bug Monitors are Vital for Bed Bug Detection Programs

Bed bugs have become a major problem all over the United States. Early detection of an infestation makes it much easier for pest control professionals to eliminate the infestation. Professional bed bug extermination treatments are typically less expensive when performed before the infestation becomes huge and spread all over the house.

BB Alert Passive is a  passive bed bug monitor that will be a valuable asset in a bed bug prevention plan. People living in New Jersey and New York City and other bed bug locations need to have a comprehensive bed bug prevention plan.

The passive bed bug monitor works by providing a narrow space which bed bugs enjoy using for their home. The monitor should be placed near the headboard between the mattress and the box spring. The device’s white skirt will show the fecal matter of bed bugs living in the device. A bed bug pest control professional will be able to tell if the droppings are produced by bed bugs.

The BB Alert Passive allows people to get pest control treatments before the bed bug population becomes huge.