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Family of Baby Scarred by Bedbugs Receives $1.6 Million

Family of Baby Scarred by Bedbugs Receives $1.6 Million
Family of Baby Scarred by Bedbugs Receives $1.6 Million

On April 2, 2018, a California family’s life changed for the better when a lawsuit filed in 2012 came through with a $1.6 million payout due to a bed bug infested apartment.

Hard Lesson to Learn

In 2012, the parents of a then three-year-old son and infant daughter became alarmed when both were covered with red itchy bites. Upon searching their apartment, the couple found a large bed bug infestation and reported the problem to the managers of the apartment complex.

The company instructed the family to throw out all of their belongings and then ordered bedbug treatment for the apartment a week later leaving the family to live with minimal conditions, which included sleeping on the floor. During this time, their son suffered from the itchy bites that caused him to continuously scratch resulting in bleeding and ultimately scars.

Days turned into weeks and the fumigated apartment and the bed bugs persisted in their torture. It took three months before the carpet was replaced, which finally eliminated the pests.

The family moved in 2014 and filed suit against the apartment complex citing the condition of their son, his scars, and emotional distress. The verdict yielded the largest amount in the U.S. for a single family.

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American Academy of Dermatology Offers Bed Bug Bite Care Tips

Bed Bug Bite Care Tips
Bed Bug Bite Care Tips

Bed bugs are tiny pests that can turn into a big pain when you have an infestation and they’re very difficult to get rid of without help from professional NJ pest control services. Their big pain is an even bigger problem when they bite people in order to feed. Keep these bed bug bite care tips in mind if you have these bloodsucking pests.

Wash Bites

If you have bed bug bites, wash them with clean water and soap to lower your risk of an infection. Washing these areas might also help ease itching.

Treat Itchiness

Bed bug bites may itch, but don’t scratch them. Doing so can lead to a skin infection that requires antibiotics. Instead, take steps to reduce itching, such as using an over-the-counter corticosteroid cream on bites.

Call Your Doctor

When you have bed bugs, it’s important to check for bites each day and keep a close eye on them. If you have a serious reaction to bed bug bites or if you develop a skin infection, get in touch with your doctor. Signs of an infection include redness and swelling around the bites. Your doctor can prescribe antibiotics to treat infections and prevent complications.

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Find Out Why Bed Bug Bites Vary from Person to Person

Bed Bug Bites
Bed Bug Bites

The spread of bed bugs has increased due to their creativity in finding transportation from one location to another. This isn’t just within a home or building, but spread across neighborhoods and cities. It also includes international bed bugs that travel from country to country via luggage, backpacks, brief cases, clothing, etc.

Differences in Bed Bug Bites

While bed bugs bites don’t always cause a skin reaction other than red itchy welts, their bites can cause allergic reactions in others.

Research studies indicate that people bitten by bed bugs typically have a 40-70% chance of developing skin or allergic reaction. The most common reaction to the tiny puncture is itching, which may be more intense for people who have been bitten repeatedly.

For other bite victims, more complex skin reactions are possible. This includes itchy wheals or hives, blisters, and itchy bumps that may become infected due to excessive scratching. Bed bug saliva is also known to cause negative health issues for some people.

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One Traveler’s Nightmare: Bed Bugs and an Allergic Reaction to the Bites

Bites on an arm.
Allergic Reaction To Bed Bugs

Even the most well planned vacation can turn into a nightmare when faced with bed bugs in your hotel. This recently happened when a couple on vacation staying in a popular chain hotel woke up the next morning with multiple bites on their legs and their son’s leg and toe.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are a growing concern because they are easily transported from one location to another where the bugs will set up camp and become an ongoing itchy problem. In some cases, their bite can also lead to severe allergic reactions resulting in hospitalization as was the case with the vacationing couple.

Whether from a hotel, bed and breakfast, workplace, classroom, church pew, restaurant seating, or public transportation, bed bugs can be brought into the home via clothing, backpacks, or luggage.

When your home or place of business is invaded, it requires the services of a professional company with the tools, knowledge, and expertise to thoroughly rid the area of the biting bugs.

With specialized services and monitors available with Stern Environmental Group, our experienced technicians can assess the infestation and recommend a plan of action that can include elimination of the infestation and long-term monitoring.

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Will You Get a Welt or Not from a Bedbug Bite?

Will I Get The Moarks?
Will I Get The Moarks?

Good night, sleep tight, and keep an eye out for bedbug bites. Keeping a vigilant eye out for the creepy critters and their bites could really help you curtail a severe infestation.

Did you let the bedbugs bite?

  • Allergic reactions
    Allergic reactions to bedbug bites such as asthma, widespread hives, and anaphylaxis are quite rare, however general allergic hives surrounding bites are not unusual.
  • Rashy reactions
    A range of skin reactions are possible with bedbug bites, which may worsen thanks to sensitization resulting from repeated exposure. Rashy reactions to bedbug bites run the gamut, from flat red spots and small red bumps that itch, to itchy hive-like wheals surrounding punctures, and even blister-like rashes that may evolve to hard bumps.
  • No reaction
    By far the most common reaction to a bedbug bite is – you guessed it – nothing. Simply a tiny, barely visible hole at the location of the bites.

Bedbugs bites have you scratching?
Giving in to the urge to itch is not in your best interest, as indulging in scratching could leave you with secondary skin infections and scars.

As not everyone gets a reaction to bedbug bites, sometimes it can be difficult to know just how bad an infestation is. When you start to see blood drops on your mattress and sheets as well as exoskeleton sheds, it is way past time to treat your problem.

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