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Oh Yes, the EPA Says There is a Right Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

There's a Right and Wrong Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs
There’s a Right and Wrong Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

A bed bug infestation in your home or business can turn into an uncomfortable itching session sooner or later. When bed bugs invade your property, immediate steps must be taken to eliminate these bloodsucking pests and treat infested areas.

Tips from the Environmental Protection Agency

If you’re going to attempt to rid your property of bed bugs on your own, it’s highly recommend that you carefully follow these safety tips, provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.

• Only use pesticides that have been approved by the EPA. If the product does not carry a registration number from the EPA, which is found on the label, then the product has not been determined to kill bed bugs.

• Never use a pesticide that hasn’t been approved for eliminating bed bugs.

• Never assume you know how to use the product. Read the label from top to bottom to ensure you follow all applicable safety steps and properly use the product. This includes where it can be used, under what conditions, overexposure, and any harmful effects to humans and pets.

• Using both heat and cold techniques are options for NYC pest control. These methods are best administered by a professional NYC pest control company with technicians skilled in the proper use of specialized equipment.

To treat your home or business with the latest techniques and innovations, contact the Stern Environmental Group for immediate assistance from qualified experts in pest control.

Four Tips for Hotels to Control Bed Bugs Through Interior Design

Check out These Tips to Avoid Bed Bug Infestation
Check out These Tips to Avoid Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs have been showing up in more and more hotels in the NYC area. If you’re a hotel owner or manager, it’s important to take steps to prevent infestations. Otherwise, you could end up with unhappy guests and less business overall. Our NYC bed bug specialists can help you lower the risk of having these pests in your hotel. You can also use these interior design tips to discourage bed bugs.

• Choose luggage racks carefully. Bed bugs can easily get into hotel rooms when guests put their luggage onto beds or other furniture. Have a place for guests to put their luggage where it won’t be a bed bug risk. Offer a hard-surfaced area specifically designed for suitcases and bags, rather than a rack that is kept in the closet.

• Select the right furniture. Choose upholstered couches and chairs that have fixed cushions and backrests instead of ones with loose pillows. This helps cut down on bed bug hiding spots.

• Choose simple window treatments. Avoid curtains that have a lot of pleats where bed bugs can hide. Choose wooden or non-upholstered window treatments instead.

• Move pictures away from beds. Instead, hang them on walls that are adjacent to or across from beds. Nail holes serve as places for bed bugs to lay eggs.

If your business has a bed bug problem, contact Stern Environmental. Our NYC bed bug specialists can handle infestations promptly.

How Has Bed Bug Control Changed?

Bed bugs live up to their name … and then some. Though  they’re most associated with an infestation of bed sheets and mattresses, these tiny and irritating pests also show up on sofas and other furniture in the home, and may also frequent restaurants, schools, camps and other places people gather.

Beyond setting up shop and breeding in your environment, bed bugs have a specific goal – to feed on as much blood as they can get from the humans and pets in the home. It takes more than a can of bug spray to eradicate these predators. It takes the power of today’s solutions, such as Cryonite®, a carbon dioxide treatment that kills bed bugs by rapid freezing, yet is non-toxic to humans and pets in the home.

Even after Cryonite kills bed bugs already hatched, it goes on to destroy the insects in all life stages including eggs that other insecticide treatments do not kill. Other technology, like bed bug monitors, helps identify potential infestation before it can take hold.

Is bed bug control for you?
If you’ve noticed the signs of bed bugs in your home or business – the eggs are tiny organisms the size of a grain of rice, and hatched bed bugs are tiny, reddish creatures about a quarter-inch long – then it’s time to rely on the proven services of a leading bed bug control expert in NYC and NJ.