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Technology Boosts Bed Bug Monitoring of the Future

Technology Boosts Bed Bug Monitoring of the Future
Technology Boosts Bed Bug Monitoring of the Future

Bed bugs are the last thing that hotels, nursing homes and other community dwelling places want to see in their beds. Real-time bed bug monitoring is available from Stern Environmental Group, a NYC bed bug specialist company dedicated to controlling and exterminating bed bugs.

Challenging to Remove

Bed bugs are the size of a grain of rice and are causing a great deal of concern among travelers and residents. Traditionally, it has been challenging to monitor for bed bugs manually, resulting in higher employee service and removal costs because the bed bug infestation has been discovered after they’ve reproduced many times over.

Stern’s new technology, the Real Time Monitoring (RTM) Device, can be used to monitor for bed bugs in multiple locations and will send real-time notifications as emails or SMS, which alert employees so they can remove them from bedding and rooms before they have chance to multiply.

How it Works

The small palm-sized device lures bed bugs into its chambers and captures continual images. It can be set to close once the bed bug is lured inside. Once detected, the images are sent wirelessly to an email address or text message.

Contact NYC’s premier bed bug specialist to schedule a demonstration of this exciting Real Time Monitoring technology. Call Stern Environmental Group today, an innovative leader in commercial and residential bed bug treatment for New Jersey and the metropolitan New York City region.

Affordable, Small Bed Bug Monitors Have Arrived!

Affordable personal bed bug monitors are available! Stern Environmental is the first company selling the affordable Bug Dome bed bug monitor which is great for homes and for using in hotels while traveling. The Bug Dome bed bug monitor offers early detection of the odious blood sucking bed bugs which can lead to early bed bug treatments which saves a lot of money.

The Bug Dome is an innovative product from Silvandersson which is based in Sweden. Its made under the name Continue reading Affordable, Small Bed Bug Monitors Have Arrived!

Best Choice: Human Bed Bug Bait or the NightWatch?

A bed bug article in the New York Times mentions the NightWatch bed bug detection device. The device mimics a human and entices the bed bugs to it from 90 feet away. Not only do you avoid getting bitten but you have proof that bed bugs actually exist in your home and therefore you have a good reason to call a pest exterminator.  It’s recommended the device be placed where you sleep.

The New York Time bed bug article had a shocking bit of information. What am I referring to? Some people have been hiring a human being to sleep in their apartment to see if they get bitten by bed bugs! Perhaps two years of experience is required. No mention if you get a million dollars or just a firm handshake and a Martini.

Since some people don’t show a skin reaction to bed bug bites perhaps the prospective employees must prove they do indeed get horrible itchy welts before they are hired. If the temporary employee gets bed bug bites I suppose the apartment owner can recommend him to another apartment owner with some high praise. Oh my. Perhaps purchasing a NightWatch bed bug detection device is the more rational choice.