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Technology Boosts Bed Bug Monitoring of the Future

Technology Boosts Bed Bug Monitoring of the Future
Technology Boosts Bed Bug Monitoring of the Future

Bed bugs are the last thing that hotels, nursing homes and other community dwelling places want to see in their beds. Real-time bed bug monitoring is available from Stern Environmental Group, a NYC bed bug specialist company dedicated to controlling and exterminating bed bugs.

Challenging to Remove

Bed bugs are the size of a grain of rice and are causing a great deal of concern among travelers and residents. Traditionally, it has been challenging to monitor for bed bugs manually, resulting in higher employee service and removal costs because the bed bug infestation has been discovered after they’ve reproduced many times over.

Stern’s new technology, the Real Time Monitoring (RTM) Device, can be used to monitor for bed bugs in multiple locations and will send real-time notifications as emails or SMS, which alert employees so they can remove them from bedding and rooms before they have chance to multiply.

How it Works

The small palm-sized device lures bed bugs into its chambers and captures continual images. It can be set to close once the bed bug is lured inside. Once detected, the images are sent wirelessly to an email address or text message.

Contact NYC’s premier bed bug specialist to schedule a demonstration of this exciting Real Time Monitoring technology. Call Stern Environmental Group today, an innovative leader in commercial and residential bed bug treatment for New Jersey and the metropolitan New York City region.

K9 Control Solves the Problem of Bed Bug Hysteria

Bed Bug Dogs to Save The Day

Who in their wildest imagination would ever think cute and cuddly canines would become a weapon against the ongoing battle against bloodsucking bed bugs. But it’s true.

Bed bugs have increased in population and becoming more than a pest for homes. They’ve expanded their territory significantly. Hotel rooms and transportation options are prime candidates for infestations for the simple reason there is a continuous flow of “carriers” such as luggage, brief cases, totes, or any other item where they can hide.

Unseen but leaving very visible bite marks, bed bugs are not always easy to detect. Enter the canine with its extremely sensitive nose that contains between 200-250 scent receptors. With such sensitive noses, chances of a bed bug hiding around the house is next to none.

If a canine was filling out a resume, its summary of experience would list benefits such as ultra sensitivity in sniffing out pests and the ability to do a thorough job from start to finish. It would also point out the loyalty factor in completing the job, and their honesty.

Canines are trained in the detection of finding the bugs in and around an area so you can follow up with pest control services.

At Stern Environmental Group, we have the technology, technicians, and tenacity, to ferret out and find pesky pests. Call or email us and let’s get the show on the road to bed bug removal.

Bed Bug Dogs Allow for Rapid ProActive Property Inspections for Early Bed Bug Discovery

Bed Bug Dogs
Bed Bug Dogs

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they’re not nearly as accommodating to bed bugs. Canine patrols have become the latest field agents in the war against the recent spread of bed bug infestations in NYC and across the country.

A dog’s secret weapon

If you’ve ever noticed how quickly your pet reaches your side when you’re eating, you’re well aware of a dog’s finely tuned sense of smell. The average canine has 200 to 250 million scent receptors in its nose, which dwarfs the human total of 5 million. Even sensitive scientific equipment cannot duplicate the superior scenting ability of dogs.

The nose is quicker than the eye

Once a dog has been trained, it can enter a room and detect bed bug infestations within two to three minutes. Its nose provides a quicker indicator than the efforts of human technicians, who are restricted to visual evidence. A manual search of a home or building can take hours.

Early detection of bed bugs can keep a minor nuisance from becoming a major problem. Our technicians at Stern Environmental Group use state-of-the-art, eco-friendly methods to find and eliminate bed bugs in your NYC home or business. Visit our website to learn more about why we are the preferred solution for extermination and control of bed bugs and other nuisance insects and wildlife.

Highlighting Great Bed Bug Detectors for Offices and Hotels

Bed Bug Detectors
Bed Bug Detectors

Bed bugs. No one likes them and no one wants them anywhere in or near their home or business. The problem is, these tiny bloodsuckers are master hitchhikers. This means they can be on a bus, flying the friendly skies, in a cab, stuffed inside a piece of luggage or briefcase, learning their ABC’s at school, or riding the rails in a piece of clothing.

Because these pests are so active, they can travel from many locations and be deposited in your home or business where they’ll set up housekeeping and dinner reservations with you as the main course.

Bed bugs can be most anywhere but you’ll know they’re around by the red, itchy bites they leave on your body. To monitor these pesky diners, there are several new solutions available, many of which we sell on our website.

Many of these detectors will trap insects so they can be identified for infestation verification purposes and some even use special scents to attract bed bugs to sticky surfaces to capture them.

If your home or business is experiencing a bed bug invasion, or if you’d like more information about your bed bug detection options, just give us a call. When you contact our representatives at Stern Environmental, you’ll receive expert help on the best way to deal with bed bug problems. We are the NYC regional experts!

Stern Environmental Group No Longer Carries This Product

Dogs Make Simple Work of NJ and NYC Bedbug Detection

Dog's Find Bed Bugs Easy
Dog’s Find Bed Bugs Easy

For years, dogs have been successfully employed by police and other law enforcement personnel to sniff out drugs and track down lawbreakers on the run. Now they’re fighting another type of threat in NJ and NYC as K-9 patrol in the battle against the resurgence of bed bugs.

Dogs have perhaps the most finely tuned sense of smell found in nature. Their seven square meters of nasal membranes hold 200 to 250 million scent receptors. Compare that to the nasal membranes of humans that cover half a meter and contain a paltry five million receptors. A dog can sniff out things that can’t be detected by even the most sensitive scientific equipment.

Another benefit of doggy patrols is their consistent level of service. Dogs will happily work for incentives as simple as treats or even just the love and approval of their humans.

A bed-bug-seeking dog works quickly and efficiently, scoping out a room and locating infestations in two to three minutes. Human technicians must rely on visual evidence, which can make a thorough inspection more time-consuming. Once a dog has detected an infestation, the job is turned over to professionals for extermination procedures.

Our skilled technicians are another valuable weapon in the war on bed bugs and any other household pests found in the NJ and NYC areas. Visit our website to learn more about our extermination services and pest control programs.