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Bed Bug Victim Praises Cryonite

At Stern Environmental Group our customers are singing the praises of our revolutionary green solution to eliminating bed bugs — Cryonite. We just received a letter from another customer who was completely satisfied with Stern’s bed bug elimination team and the application of Cryonite to rid his home of bed bugs.

After four months of unsuccessful chemical treatment by another pest control firm, he called Stern to ask about Cryonite. In part, here’s what our customer had to say about Stern and Cryonite (click the link to read his entire letter):

“Wilson, one of your Technician Supervisors, was dispatched to my home and mirrored the professional and sympathetic demeanor that I had also experienced when scheduling with Ella. Wilson took the time to explain the process that was going to take place, what my responsibilities were to ensure that this problem remains resolved, then he diligently and with great attention to detail treated my home. . . . He responsibly took the time necessary to ensure total extermination of the bugs almost as if he was working in his own home. The methods and processes utilized by Wilson ultimately proved to be outstanding since my infestation is now completely remedied. . . . After so many months of on-going issues with these pests, I once again have a sense of peace in my home.”

Fox 5 News Thinking of Doing a Piece on Bed Bugs

Fox 5 Local News has asked Stern Environmental Group to sit down with them sometime in the near future and discuss the problems bed bugs cause, how bed bug infestations are increasing, and what new bed bug extermination treatments are available.

Their parent company Fox News in New York City has recently been infiltrated by bed bugs. Usually unflappable news anchors were feeling the strain. Warren Vandeveer, senior VP for operations and engineering, said they didn’t realize the extent of the problem until an employee “caught a bug and showed it to us.” Experts identified it as Cimex Lectularius, the common bed bug.

Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers and despite an exterminator’s efforts to eliminate them from the newsroom, they kept returning. In an effort to nail down the source of the infestation, the homes of 20 Fox employees were inspected. In one employee’s home, Vandeveer said the exterminator found “the worst infestation he had seen in 25 years in the business.”

You only need to go through the “bed bug nightmare” once to be on the lookout for new, more effective solutions to bed bug problems.  The Wall Street Journal has recently interviewed Douglas Stern about bed bugs in the New York City metro region.

Douglas Stern is quickly becoming the sought out expert on bed bug extermination and now Fox 5 Local News is interested too. Maybe the Fox News headquarters in New York City should ask Douglas Stern about Cryonite, the new freezing treatment for bed bug extermination for their own problem!

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

If you have bed bugs, don’t wait another minute; call Stern today. Getting rid of bed bugs is not a do-it-yourself project. If you have bed bugs, you need professional help and you need it today before they spread to other parts of your home.

The little buggers are hard to find and they spread like wildfire. If they’re in your bed and you start sleeping on your couch, you’ll have them in your couch too. If you move out, you could carry them with you in your suitcase. If you spray them with Raid, they’ll just move to another comfy spot in your house. The tiny critters are easily spread on clothing, furniture, bedding, suitcases and cardboard boxes. They move easily through wall voids, ductwork and elevator shafts. They hide in the tiniest of cracks and crevices, behind wall paper, behind baseboards, under carpeting and in furniture joints. If you’ve got them, you’re going to need professional help getting rid of them.

In addition to traditional bed bug extermination treatment, Stern Environmental also offers the new, revolutionary Cryonite treatment for bed bugs. Extensively used in Europe and Australia, Cryonite is the most effective bed bug extermination treatment available on the market today. Unlike traditional treatments which need to be repeated to kill hatching eggs, Cryonite kills adults, nymphs and eggs at once without pesticides or toxic residue. Click here to find our more about Cryonite, the safest, most effective way to kill bed bugs on the market today.

‘The Cryoniter’ Zaps Bed Bugs Dead

The thing about bed bugs is that they’re hearty little devils. They hide in tiny cracks and crevices where pesticides don’t reach. They can go months, even a year, between feedings. They can survive in hostile weather, both extreme heat and cold. And they’re prolific enough to put rabbits to shame. A female bed bug lays 1 to 12 eggs per day which hatch in 6 to 17 days. In a year’s time, you can have three generations feasting away.

Nearly eradicated in the U.S. after WWII, bed bugs are back — with a vengeance. New bed bugs are more powerful than a speeding bullet, able to survive commercial pesticides at 10 times the recommended dose, and practically immune to the DDT that wiped out their ancestors in the 1950s. Now, of course, that’s not all bed bugs; but a growing number are being found to be resistant to normal chemical pesticide treatments.

Stern to the rescue! We are among a select number of pest control companies able to offer “The Cryoniter,” a revolutionary new bed bug control system that is popular throughout Europe. Cryonite uses a carbon dioxide “snow” to reach bed bugs where they hide, immobilizing them before they can scurry out of reach. The fast-freezing gas kills adults, nymphs and eggs alike, unlike pesticides which are impotent on eggs.

The best thing about Cryonite is that it uses no harmful pesticides and leaves no toxic residue so it is safe for use around children, seniors and pets. Your home or business can be used right after application. Our customers have been so excited about Cryonite, we’ve had to purchase another system to meet demand. If you get bed bugs, call Stern today and ask for “The Cryoniter.”