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Should You Be Proactive Or Reactive About Bed Bug Control?

Should You Be Proactive Or Reactive About Bed Bug Control?
Should You Be Proactive Or Reactive About Bed Bug Control?

When it comes to dealing with bed bugs, should you take a proactive or reactive approach with NJ pest control services? Since these pests have become more common in recent years, it’s important to understand how to deal with them.

Reactive Approach

A reactive approach means that you wait until you have a bed bug problem in your home. Once you find signs that you have these pests, you then you should get in touch with pest control professionals to eliminate infestations.

Doing it this way means you could be dealing with a large infestation, especially if you didn’t notice these bugs soon enough. This can turn into a costly pest control treatment.

Proactive Approach

A proactive approach means you take steps to lower your risk of having bed bugs invade. It’s not always possible to completely prevent bed bug problems because these pests easily travel from place to place. However, proactive pest control measures can help.

These measures include having your home inspected on a regular basis to see if there are any signs of a bed bug problem. If so, you can have it dealt with sooner rather than later. Being proactive also means following the advice of pest control professionals on how to reduce your risk of bringing bed bugs into your home.

If you need NJ pest control in your home for bed bugs, contact Stern Environmental right away.

Boric Acid is Not a Treatment Solution for Bed Bugs

Boric Acid is Not a Treatment Solution for Bed Bugs
Boric Acid is Not a Treatment Solution for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become the scourge of the pest population due to their dining habits, which include human blood. At one time, bed bugs were a more dormant species but in recent years, this mobile bug has become more problematic for cities around the world. This is due, in part, to more people traveling and the bed bugs stowing away in their luggage.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

If you ask any NJ pest control professional what the easiest way is to get rid of bed bugs using over-the-counter sprays, they’ll tell you there isn’t a bug spray that’s going to eliminate the bloodsuckers.

Recently, researchers at North Carolina State University conducted tests involving boric acid. The tests were by ingestion and by an external covering of boric acid dust.

The results concluded that when boric acid was ingested by the bed bugs, they expired quickly while the bed bugs that were subjected to a high dose of boric acid externally were minimally affected.

Their goal was to find a way to design an easy-to-use bait system based on boric acid to attract and eliminate bed bugs. In the meantime, if you’re seeing signs of bed bugs, such as stains on bedding as well as red itchy welts on your body, or if you just want to have your home checked, contact Stern Environmental for an inspection by an experienced NJ pest control specialist.

Apartment Resident Refuses to Pay for Bed Bug Treatments

Residents of New Jersey and New York City and elsewhere may be interested to know that in Columbus, Ohio a landlord asked all tenants to pay $100 for bed bug extermination services. If they don’t pay they will be in violation of their lease. One tenant refused to pay the money.

The lease states the tenant is responsible for any pest control service if the tenant wants such a service. However the notice from the landlord states this treatment is not optional. However, the Columbus City Code states that “The owner is responsible for elimination of any insects, rats, or other pests in a dwelling containing two (2) or more dwelling units.

The landlords in many areas in the country are responsible for bed bug  treatments. They didn’t bring the bed bugs in yet they have to pay all the costs. They may not think that’s fair and if so, perhaps they have a legitimate complaint. It’s a difficult issue.

Landlords should consider purchasing and placing bed bug monitors in apartment units.

Bed Bug Detection Dogs are Increasingly Popular with Hotels

A New York City hotel had to deal with four bed bug infestations in two months. Oh my. The hotel manager utilized the services of a bed bug detection dog to find the horrible bed bugs. Bed bug sniffing dogs are becoming very popular with hotel managers.

Highly trained bed bug detection dogs can find bed bugs that hotel staff members typically won’t discover. Hotel staff members may find major bed bug infestations but these knights in shining fur can discover just one or two bed bugs and thus the hotel owner has the opportunity to use bed bug extermination services before a major infestation occurs. Major bed bug infestations can be expensive and difficult to eliminate.

The news that bed bugs have invaded a New Jersey or New York City hotel can be very bad for business. The infestation may be mentioned in online travel reviews and on a variety of websites. Even after the bed bug infestation has been eliminated the reputation of the hotel could be damaged for a long time. Early bed bug detection is very important for the hotel industry.