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The Bed Bugs… They’re Mutating!

What’s scarier than a bed-bug in your bed? How about a bed-bug that can’t be killed with insecticides? Researchers are now finding that bed-bugs found in apartments and homes are becoming immune to the insecticides that are provided to kill them. Researchers used pyrethoid insecticides to solve the issue of the infestations that were building in apartments, but to the dismay of the researchers, most of the bugs withstood direct sprays from the pyrethoid insecticides. The talk of the bed-bugs becoming immune to the sprays prompted an experiment.

The experiment was between bed-bug samples collected and maintained in a laboratory for thirty years and one group of twenty years, and four different colonies from apartments. When sprayed with the pyrethoid insecticide, the laboratory bed-bugs who were never before sprayed were decimated completely, while the four colonies of apartment bed-bugs experienced little to no mortalities. The scary thing about that is that the four colonies were immune to sprays that were two-hundred to three-hundred times the recommended dosage prescribed by the companies who produced the insecticide.

The interesting realization that derived from this particular experiment was that when one of the bed-bugs from the lab set and another from the field set mated, the offspring were only partially immune to the pesticide, which showed that the immunity of the field bed-bugs is a genetic trait, which is passed along through latter generations.

It’s a growing problem, but a lot of factors that deal with a seemingly useless bed-bug fight could be that bed-bugs can hide anywhere, and maybe you’re just not getting all of them. Hopefully, the issue with immunity to pesticides will be solved before they take over the Earth! Or maybe just your bed…

You can read the full testing information from the University of Kentucky here.

Pennsylvania 6-5-oh-oh-oh! Bed Bugs!

Most of us have heard the famous tune by Glenn Miller, “Pennsylvania 6-5000,” written about New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania, the sensational, twenty-two-story hotel, erected in 1919. Self-proclaimed to be “The World’s Most Popular Hotel®,” this Manhattan giant has 1700 rooms, and it centers the hot spots of New York City, such as Madison Square Garden, Amtrak’s Penn Station, Macy’s, The Empire State Building, The Javits Center, as well as the Theater District. Inside can be found all sorts of fitness centers, and the high-quality front-desk and transportation services make for an extremely comfortable stay. They even have valet parking! Needless to say, this hotel is one hot spot. Too bad they forgot to take care of one little thing… bed bugs.

The Hotel Pennsylvania is taking a nearly $100,000 hit because of six tourists who claim to have had a bad run with bed bugs while staying at the hotel. Two of these tourists were women from Switzerland who said that they were “eaten alive” by these tiny vampires of the night in 2005.

The hotel is now taking measures to protect its guests and prevent the infestation of bed bugs in its rooms. Even still, be wary when staying at Hotel Penn, or any hotel, for that matter; bed bugs are everywhere where there are people checking in and out.

Bed Bug Epidemic

Bed-bugs are amongst us! This is becoming so much of a problem that a task force has been created and assembled in Cincinnati to address the issue. The meeting consisted of politicians, exterminators, as well as a very large crowd of concerned citizens, who all wanted to rally against what is now being considered an epidemic. The Cincinnati Health Department is being floored with complaints due to the increasing problem of annoying bed-bug bites. Over the past year, these complaints have almost doubled in number. Obviously, these pesky, little sleep-haunters are rousing quite an uproar.

Officials are finding that normal pesticides just don’t work, so the real issue at hand is how to get rid of this potentially colossal problem, before it gets even more out of hand. Bed-bugs are constantly finding ways to sneak into our homes, travelling in our clothing and luggage, and making their homes in the cozy comfort of the beds of the unsuspecting. The only way to really get rid of them is to call your local Health Department, and ask for an experienced extermination professional. Take action before the problem becomes uncontrollable.

Bed Bugs Found In Ohio State University Dorm Rooms

At Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, some dorms are being hit with an infestation of bedbugs (Cimex lectularius). Students and administration don’t want them and have closed sections of some dorms to treat the problem, according to recent news coverage by WBNS-10TV, http://www.10tv.com/?story=sites/10tv/content/pool/200710/582502406.html
Bedbug infestations are increasing not only in Ohio, but throughout the country.

Some cities have even set up hotlines to call. In New York City, it’s 311. These pesky insects should not live in any dorm, or hotel, hospital, nursing home or place where humans sleep.
Although bedbugs are not known to transmit deadly diseases, their bites can cause intense itching and discomfort.

Attracted by body heat and carbon dioxide, bedbugs dine on human blood and typically leave a distinctive pattern of bites. The bites, often in groups of three or in a line, appear as flat red welts that can cause intense uncomfortable itching. Bedbugs prefer to feed in the pre-dawn hours. Normally we don’t know they’ve been around until the itching starts and drives us bonkers.

Yes, you can see them. Small, flat and oval with brown or rusty coloring, bedbugs are about one-eighth to one quarter of an inch in size. They easily fit through tiny cracks and wall spaces and can be carried into our sleeping space by ordinary means -clothes, furniture, cardboard boxes, luggage etc. They are not attracted so much by dirt and filth as by our exhaled carbon dioxide and warm blood. Often the bedbugs leave black tarry or brown rusty specks in sheets or mattresses as evidence of their feeding.

No, bedbugs should not live in your dorm, or any place else you live. You can best treat the problem by calling a professional who can give advice on prevention and get rid of the bedbugs.

Bed Bugs in New York City? Call 311, the Bed Bug Hot Line if You Dare

Believe it or not, there is actually a hot line in New York City where tenants can call to report bed bugs. You can report bed bugs by dialing 311. Unfortunately many tenants are reluctant to call no matter how bad their problem is and even though landlords are responsible for treating infested apartments.

The big questions are “Why don’t these people want to call?”. Well, rumor has it that some landlords can allegedly check the list of people who have complained and then black listed the tenants so they can’t find a place to rent.

The way that tenants escape from bed bug infested apartments is generally by breaking their lease and moving. The only safe way to warn future tenants, they feel, is by posting the infested address on the “Bed Bug City” or “Bed Bug Registry” website that lists bed bug infested rental apartments and hotels. What you see if you go to Bed Bug City is a Google map of New York City (they also have one for Boston) with bug icons at addresses where these pests have been reported.

Both are useful websites. If you are looking to either report an infestation or want to rent an apartment, you should definitely check them. Nevertheless, it would be much better if bed bugs were treated like the public health issue they are and not some shameful secret tenants and landlords try to hide from.

Professionals know how to get rid of bed bugs and prevent recurrent infestations. It is good business to cal them if you discover or have a reported problem with them so the pros can take care of the problem right away before it gets worse.