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Trying To Identify And Avoid Bed Bugs? There’s An App For That!

Trying To Identify And Avoid Bed Bugs? There's An App For That!
Trying To Identify And Avoid Bed Bugs? There’s An App For That!

With bed bugs being found more often, especially in the NYC area, it’s important to have as much information as possible about these pests. An app created earlier this year provides information on identifying bed bugs, treating infestations, and much more. Here’s what you can learn about New York City bed bug control with this app.

Bed Bug Identification

Do you really have bed bugs in your home? The Bed Bug Field Guide app, which is free, helps you determine if the pests you’re dealing with are bed bugs or another insect. You can find out what bed bugs and their bites look like, so you can identify them and get the help you need.

Bed Bug Elimination

What should you do about bed bugs? The app walks you through how to handle a bed bug infestation with help from professionals and how to save your belongings instead of destroying them. You can also learn how to eliminate bed bugs from public places.

Bed Bug Prevention

The Bed Bug Field Guide app also provides information on how to protect yourself from these pests. You can keep these prevention tips in mind at home and when you’re out in public or traveling.

At Stern Environmental Group, we provide reliable New York City bed bug control services. Please contact us for more information on these services for your home or business.

Tropical Bed Bugs Surface in Florida for the First Time Since the 1940’s

Taking a Trip to Florida? Watch Out For Tropical Bed Bugs.
Taking a Trip to Florida? Watch Out For Tropical Bed Bugs.

Everyone has heard about the major bed bug infestations around New York and New Jersey. They seem to be everywhere, and the problem is only getting worse, which is why you need to call a NYC bed bug specialist for any infestation that occurs.

Well, thank goodness that in the northern hemisphere there is only one type of bed bug to worry about, called the common bed bug, because in Florida a nasty species of bed bug, called the tropical bed bug, has been found again after 60 years. They had largely been eliminated from the state, but are making a comeback and have grown resistant to pesticides.

The Differences

The biggest difference in each of these species is how they look before having a meal of blood.

Tropical bed bugs have a more pointed abdomen while common bed bugs have a rounded abdomen. However, after feeding both of their abdomens become distended and pointy, making each species harder to distinguish from each other.

Tropical bed bugs thrive in warmer climates, and experts are worried that since they have been found in Florida, they might begin to colonize the entire southern United States.

For questions about bed bug infestation and control, please contact your NYC bed bug specialist at Stern Environmental Group. We’re pest control experts and have been serving the NYC and New Jersey areas for nearly 20 years.

American Academy of Dermatology Offers Bed Bug Bite Care Tips

Bed Bug Bite Care Tips
Bed Bug Bite Care Tips

Bed bugs are tiny pests that can turn into a big pain when you have an infestation and they’re very difficult to get rid of without help from professional NJ pest control services. Their big pain is an even bigger problem when they bite people in order to feed. Keep these bed bug bite care tips in mind if you have these bloodsucking pests.

Wash Bites

If you have bed bug bites, wash them with clean water and soap to lower your risk of an infection. Washing these areas might also help ease itching.

Treat Itchiness

Bed bug bites may itch, but don’t scratch them. Doing so can lead to a skin infection that requires antibiotics. Instead, take steps to reduce itching, such as using an over-the-counter corticosteroid cream on bites.

Call Your Doctor

When you have bed bugs, it’s important to check for bites each day and keep a close eye on them. If you have a serious reaction to bed bug bites or if you develop a skin infection, get in touch with your doctor. Signs of an infection include redness and swelling around the bites. Your doctor can prescribe antibiotics to treat infections and prevent complications.

If you have bed bugs, our NJ pest control experts can stop them from biting. Contact Stern Environmental for more information on our safe, nontoxic bed bug treatments.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Bed bugs are nocturnal invaders, doing their feeding when it is dark and quiet, and they stay hidden within bedding, furniture, cracks and crevices during the day. Being very small, there is a good chance they could go unnoticed, if not for telltale signs such as rust-like stains and bug debris on bedding or bed bug bites on your skin.

Identifying the Bite

It’s not always easy to identify bed bug bites because they are similar to mosquito or flea bites. Additionally, the stealthy nuisance injects an anesthetic so you don’t even feel the attack. Bites appear in groups or clusters as small inflamed welts that are red and itch for several days. The irritation is caused by a salivary protein injected when bitten. People exposed to bites over a period of time might experience symptoms of nervousness and sleeplessness.

Bed Bug Control

The bites might not have come from bed bugs on your property. Instead, they could have been at a hotel or public area recently visited. They are prolific hitchhikers, so it’s likely that if you’ve come into contact with them, they have come into contact with your bag, suitcase or clothing. Don’t let a potential problem become an infestation. If you have reason to believe your property might have been exposed to bed bugs, call the professionals at Stern Environmental Group for fast, non-toxic bed bug control.

Atlantic City Seniors Irate Over Bed Bug Infestation

Irate over a persistent bed bug infestation, residents of an Atlantic City, New Jersey senior housing complex say property managers are gambling with their health. Residents, many of whom are blind or disabled, say property managers have failed to act on their complaints. One family member notified that a bed bug had been spotted in her mother’s apartment was horrified to find “thousands upon thousands” of bed bugs crawling over everything her mother owned, according to a NBC40.net report.

Complaints by residents and their families have finally attracted the attention of the city council and bed bug victims seem to have found an ally in Councilman Marty Small who told NBC, “Management seeming to be ignoring the problem and just doing enough to get by and we’re not going to stand for that. And I would like our Code Enforcement to put their foot down. Obviously if they think they’re doing enough, they’re not doing enough. The problem is still happening over and over again and it’s not right.”

We’re happy to report that the Atlantic City council has ordered the Code Enforcement department to conduct an immediate and thorough inspection of the housing complex. But that’s just the first step. Exterminating bed bug infestations in multi-unit housing requires the cooperation of management, residents and experienced bed bug extermination experts. Visit our website to find out what you need to know about identifying and getting rid of bed bugs.