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Small Bug, Big Problem: Library Pays $22,500 To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Small Bug, Big Problem: Library Pays $22,500 To Get Rid of Bed Bugs
Small Bug, Big Problem: Library Pays $22,500 To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

When it comes to bed bug infestations, it’s important to handle them the right way and as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could end up having a highly expensive problem that you’ll need professional NJ pest control experts to deal with. A public library in the Midwest found this out the hard way.

Costly Bed Bugs

The Des Plaines Public Library in Illinois had a bed bug problem that cost them more than $22,000 to fix. These pests were found in several locations in the building and required extensive treatment to eliminate. Even with this treatment, library officials admit that it’s hard to completely get rid of these pests. The library staff now has pest control professionals come by to do inspections on a regular basis.

Libraries and Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been found in other libraries in the U.S. over the past several years. These pests can easily travel from someone’s home to the local library by hiding inside library books. This is a good reminder to check library books and any other used or secondhand items you bring into your home to make sure that bed bugs and other pests aren’t lurking inside.

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Even Disney World is Not Exempt from Bed Bug Infestations and Complaints

Even Disney World is Not Exempt from Bed Bug Infestations and Complaints
Even Disney World is Not Exempt from Bed Bug Infestations and Complaints

Even Mickey Mouse isn’t immune to bed bugs as a New York couple staying at the Disney Vero Beach Resort can attest to. According to Kevin Hamedi and Allyson Masciotti-Hamedi, their room was infested with the bloodsucking pests.

Bed bugs are notorious travelers and with more people crisscrossing the globe, there has been an increase in bed bug activity infiltrating modes of transportation, dining venues, and hotels and resorts.

This couple filed suit against the Disney Company stating that they had failed in their obligations to provide precautions.

Bed Bug Facts

While bed bugs are a nuisance, there is no evidence these pests carry disease. They hide in dark warm places and venture out of their hiding places in search of warm-blooded food, which is you and your sleeping family.

Bed bugs do not discriminate and will make their home in a 5-star resort as easily as a budget-friendly motel.

Their bites can create red itchy welts and for some the bite can cause an allergic reaction.

For the most part, over-the-counter products won’t take the bite out of bed bugs. When they create an infestation, NYC bed bug specialists are needed to eliminate them quickly and efficiently with the right tools and treatments.

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Could the Release of Bed Bugs in an Office be Considered Bio-Terrorism?

Could the Release of Bed Bugs in an Office be Considered Bio-Terrorism?
Could the Release of Bed Bugs in an Office be Considered Bio-Terrorism?

Bed bugs have been known to elicit crazy reactions from people with infestations. However, where is the right place to draw the line? One man recently over-reacted when he was denied help for his bed bug problem. As your NYC bed bug specialists, we wanted to share this story with you.

An Extreme Bed Bug Problem

The story takes place in Augusta, Maine, where a man was denied assistance from code enforcement regarding a bed bug infestation in his home. When he had shown the bed bugs to his apartment manager, he was told he’d need to move out. Disgusted, he returned to the code enforcement office, once again, to ask for help. His request was denied and he was told he didn’t qualify for any assistance. That was when the situation took a turn for the worse.

An Act of Bio-Terrorism?

The man had a cup of bed bugs with him that day. He slammed the cup on the counter, causing about 100 bed bugs to scatter. The office had to close for the day while the area was treated for the blood-sucking pests.

What would you have done in this man’s situation? Fortunately, that’s a question you may not need to answer. Your NYC bed bug specialists are here to help you with your bed bug problem. When you contact us, we’ll be on the job right away, putting your mind at ease.

NYC Bed Bug Cases Flourish and Mutations Increase

Why Are Bed Bug Reports Down?
Why Are Bed Bug Reports Down?

One of the best pieces of news that a NYC/NJ bed bug exterminator can hear is that New York City officials have reported for the first time in years that bed bug infestations are down. That means our current methods are working. In fact, the Housing Preservation and Development Department reports that they’re down by almost 50%.

While this might be great news for homeowners, business owners, and public entities, the bad news is that there are still new reports coming in, and it seems that these NYC bed bugs are not willing to give up without a fight. They’re actually mutating by growing thicker skins, and this is allowing them to withstand many of the common insecticides that are generally used to eradicate them.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there is some speculation that bed bug reports aren’t just down because the problem is getting solved, but because people are just learning to cope with the pests, and so they’re not reporting infestations. This creates a serious problem because without reporting them, bed bug infestations aren’t receiving the attention needed to get them under control.

Contacting a NJ bed bug exterminator is the best way to ensure that your bed bug problem is handled properly. You don’t have to live your life with bed bugs, and here at Stern Environmental, we have methods to kill even the hardiest of bed bugs. Contact us today.

Landlord Sues Tennant for Serious Bed Bug Infestation

Tennent Taken to Court for Bed Bug Infestation
Tennant Taken to Court for Bed Bug Infestation

Just when you think you’ve heard it all about bed bug horror stories, up crops another one. In New York’s Upper West Side, a landlord is suing one of his tenants due to an above average bed bug infestation in his apartment.

Complaints from tenants prompted the landlord to have an exterminator inspect the property where he found five apartments infected with one apartment identified as the main source of the infestation. The exterminator instructed the tenant how to treat his apartment to eliminate the source.

The tenant ignored the instructions sitting infected clothing and personal items in the hallway allowing the critters to set up new households in surrounding apartments.

The tenant was also asked permission to allow the exterminator to treat his car which was also infected but the tenant refused. This lead to a continual flow of bed bugs moving into the building.

In a nutshell, the tenant became a mobile travel agent for the bed bugs and because of his failure and refusal to treat his apartment and car is now being sued for several hundred thousand dollars by the landlord for damages and legal fees.

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