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Are Bed Bugs Coming Home with Your Child’s Homework?

Teachers are excited to welcome children back to school in the fall, but the pests that sometimes hitch a ride to school on students or their backpacks have cast an unpleasant pall on the start of the school year. Teachers and students have gotten used to the weekly head lice checks and lectures about hat sharing. But the resurgence of bed bugs has added an unwelcome tension to the start of the school year and made teachers — and students — hyper aware of creepy crawlies in their classrooms.

Because bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, they are classified as nuisance pests. But these tiny insects invoke a huge creep factor. Largely nocturnal, bed bugs creep into their human victims’ beds at night to feed on their blood. Unlike head lice, bed bugs do not live on the human body. Between meals they crawl away to hide in nearby cracks and crevices.

Bed bugs are adept hitchhikers and frequently arrive in schools hidden in the backpacks or clothing of children who live in infested homes. A bed bug sighting can induce panic as it did at Newark High School in Ohio recently when bed bugs were spotted crawling on a student’s backpack. Students were phoning their parents in panic and more than 100 worried parents pulled their children from classes.

Next time: What to do when bed bugs come home from school

Plainfield, NJ Senior Complex Overrun by Bed Bugs, Cockroaches

On its website, the city of Plainfield, New Jersey in Union County bills itself as “a suburban treasure,” nothing that it attracts “people from many different lifestyles and backgrounds” who enjoy friendly, small town life. Unfortunately for residents of Richmond Towers, the city’s housing complex for low-income seniors, Plainfield also attracts bed bugs and cockroaches.

Operated by the Housing Authority of Plainfield, the 12-story senior housing complex is overrun by bed bugs and cockroaches, according to NJ.com. While admitting that some work orders may have been missed, building management said they have exterminated for bed bugs several times but can’t seem to get ahead of the infestation and speculated that residents may be bringing bed bugs into the building from senior centers.

The problems at Richmond Towers illustrate the difficult of exterminating bed bugs and cockroaches in apartment buildings. Building management typically relies on residents to prepare their apartments for treatment and clean their clothing and possessions to remove bed bugs and their eggs, an overwhelming task for many residents. If eggs or bugs are missed during cleaning and treatment, infestations can regrow quickly.

It takes persistence, a joint effort between management and residents and an expert licensed New Jersey bed bug exterminator to rid multi-family housing units of bed bugs. Cryonite offers a 2-for-1 punch, killing bed bugs and cockroaches instantly and safely. Visit our website to find out more.

Bed Bugs Overrun NYC Mental Health Department

In an odd twist of fate the very people responsible for guarding the health and happiness of New York City’s residents find themselves under attack — by bed bugs. The blood-sucking insects have infested the city’s 21-story Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in midtown Manhattan. Five floors (and counting) of the building are infested with the nasty creepy crawlies, creating more than a little consternation among the 4,000 employees that work in the building. Workers fear not only being bitten as they’re working but inadvertently taking bed bugs home with them.

This is the second time this year that bed bugs have infiltrated the health department’s 3-year old, $316 million headquarters. But the health department doesn’t stand alone. This year bed bug infestations have also been reported at the Lincoln Center, New York Public Library, Waldorf Astoria hotel and United Nations.

In recent years New York City has consistently ranked among the most bed bug infested cities in the U.S. In the past year, New York City has logged more than 9,200 bed bug complaints. NYC bed bug infestations have risen steadily since 2004 when only 537 infestations were reported.

Bed bug extermination is a job for a licensed pest control professional with expertise in bed bug elimination. If you get bed bugs; call Stern. We are the bed bug experts in New York and New Jersey.

Bed Bugs Could Become Repeat Offenders in NYC Court Room

The ongoing bed bug infestation at a Florida fire station should serve as a warning of potential future problems at Manhattan Criminal Court. Last week panic ensued when court spectators saw bed bugs crawling on a defendant. Court employees cordoned off several rows of seats which were sprayed with pesticide by a pest control company, but employees say they still feel itchy.

And with good reason. Bed bugs feed on human blood, but they don’t live on people. After feeding, these tiny insects slip off into dark cracks in furniture and burrow into tiny crevices in flooring to digest their meal and await their next victim. The odds of a repeat bed bug infestation at court is high, particularly because, unlike Cryonite which kills bed bugs at all stages of development, pesticide sprays only kill bugs, not their eggs. When eggs hatch, reinfestations occur.

That’s what happened at Clearwater’s downtown fire station. When bed bugs were initially discovered in the station’s second-floor bunk area, firefighters were moved to other parts of the building. The second floor was heat treated and mattresses removed and replaced. A week later, bed bugs were back, prompting removal of carpeting and wooden lockers to eliminate bed bug hiding places.

Several things make it likely that bed bug woes aren’t over yet for either Manhattan Criminal Court or Clearwater firefighters. We’ll talk about that next time.

Bed Bugs In NYC School Spark Questions About Infestations Part 2 Of 2

Continuing from Wednesday…

Here’s where things get really hairy though…

On page 5 of the Bed Bug Information Kit for Schools, when bed bugs are determined to be inside a NYC school, schools are required to prepare the classroom/s prior to inspection and/or treatment by the pest management department. School preparation includes:

• Vacuuming carpets and loosening the edges at the borders.

• Removing all items from the walls and placing them in plastic liners left in the affected room.

• Closets must be cleaned out and kept clean from that point forward.

• Classroom floors and cracks and crevices must be vacuumed.

• Vacuum cleaner bags must be disposed of in sealed plastic bags on the exterior of the building.

• The vacuum cleaner must be inspected to ensure that it is free of bed bugs.

All items that must be discarded (presumably due to BED BUGS!) should be wrapped in plastic (because of BEDBUGS?), and immediately taken to the dumpster (presumably so that BEDBUGS do not spread to other areas of the school).  Each of these preparations are what Manhattan pest control professionals require bed bug infested home or business owners to do prior to treatment as well.

Any Manhattan pest control professional would tell you that doing these steps in preparation for an inspection would nearly eliminate the chances of any pest control inspector from finding any evidence of bed bugs in the school system, thereby giving the school a false clean bill of health.  By doing so, any existing bed bug infestation that does exist within a school will not be addressed properly and the evidence that is removed will cause any remaining bed bugs to propagate into more bloodsucking creatures that will resurface on another date to bite once again.  These procedures should clearly take place AFTER the school has been inspected for bed bugs, not before.

Realizing that bed bugs are likely remaining within the school system, one must also realize that bed bugs are not only brought into the school.  Additionally, bed bugs are surely being transported out of the school causing infestations in some of the homes of the families and workers that frequent the schools.

Yet certain school officials in the DOE will maintain the position that NYC schools are not infested by bed bugs.  In a time where people are trying to eliminate the stigma associated with bed bug infestations so that everyone in the United States will seek help from a pest control professional at the first sign of the pests, the position of DOE is not helping the situation.