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Protective Bed Bug Suits Spark Concerns For Virginia Students

Wavy.com reported on February 4, 2013 that two schools in Portsmouth, Virginia were treated for bed bugs.  Reports are that a student at the I.C. Norcom High School, complaining of itching, was found to have a bed bug on his/her person.  School officials also confirmed that a similar incident also occurred at the Lakeview Elementary School the day prior.

Parents were then notified that both schools were treated for bed bugs over the weekend as a precautionary measure but no actual bed bugs were found creeping around the school.  In addition, the school district immediately treated the three school buses that the affected students traveled upon and announced plans to treat the remaining 139 buses in the fleet over the following week.

Each of these steps that were taken appears to follow the typical protocol that many school districts are following throughout the United States when bed bugs are found in a school.

Fast forward 10 days…

Perhaps bed bugs might just be lurking in the I.C. Norcom High School after all.  Wavy.com reported on February 14, 2013 that students report seeing boxes labeled “Bed bug kit” in their classrooms and teachers suited up in protective suits after two more students were found to have bed bugs on their person.  No students were given protective gear to wear, but they were given plastic bags in which they were told to carry around all of their belongings in throughout the school day to avoid picking up or transmitting potential bed bugs.  Reports are that the school was not treated for bed bugs this time as a precautionary measure because no bed bugs were found upon inspection over the weekend.  It’s not surprising to learn that the students are a bit freaked out by the teachers wearing protective bed bug suits and the bed bug situation within their school.

There’s no word if a bed bug sniffing dog was used for either inspection by the pest management company that was hired by the school district.  Bed bugs are tiny, elusive, and experts at hiding in any type of location.  A high school is a large territory to cover with many hiding places.  A good bed bug sniffing dog would be able to root the bloodsuckers out in no time at all.

A Drug Found To Kill Bed Bugs?

Since the resurgence of bed bugs about ten years ago, researchers across the world have been on the hunt for new and innovative ways to treat bed bug infestations.  There are interesting bed bug products, services, treatments, and now with any luck, there could be a potential medication that humans can take that will help kill bed bug infestations in their homes.

The Columbus Dispatch reported on November 14, 2012, that a study is being done on Merck’s Stromectol, also called Ivermectin, which is a treatment that is typically used for treatment against parasitic worms.  According to reports, promising research on the study was presented at a scientific meeting in Atlanta on Monday by John Sheele, and emergency physician at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk.

In Sheele’s study, bed bugs of different life stages were allowed to feed upon three colleagues and himself before the drug was taken.  After the Ivermectin was taken by the researchers, the bed bugs were allowed to feed again.  What was found is that the bloodsuckers became sick and were dying after consuming their drug induced blood.  According to their study, the bed bugs were most susceptible to death on the first day that Ivermectin was taken, but the researchers found that after 54 hours, 42% of the adult bed bugs were killed.

The Columbus Dispatch reports… “Ivermectin is effective against a broad range of insects — body lice, head lice, scabies,” Sheele said. “What I’d like to be able to do is a real-world experiment where we find people who have bed bugs, treat them with the regimen and see does it get rid of their infestation.”

If this drug is proven to be affective in combination with pest control treatments against bed bug infestations, it would be a huge victory in the war against these bloodsucking pests.  There is not mention as to what, if any, side effects, the drug has on humans, but that information will surely be reported in the days to come.  For now, let’s all rejoice in the fact that there could be something new on the horizon to help speed up the eradication of bed bugs in the United States!

No Shame, No Blame…Just Bed Bugs!

Manhattan pest control professionals have seen thousands of bed bug infestation cases since the bloodsucking pests resurgence occurred.  New Yorker’s have had extensive experience with bed bugs as they have been hitching a ride from home to home, school to school, store to store, and office building to office building.  These pests are notoriously difficult to eradicate, and often times take more than one visit from a NYC bed bug specialist.  The most tenacious pest to deal with, bed bugs can leave a person feeling alone and isolated.  People who have a bed bug infestation in their home report feeling dirty and embarrassed by the pests, despite having the cleanest of homes.  Having bed bugs can make you angry.  It’s human nature to want to blame someone for causing the infestation, but in reality, bed bugs are hitchhikers that can be picked up anywhere that people frequent.

The Columbus Dispatch reported on October 11, 2012, that there was a study published in January of 2012 by The American Journal of Medicine which “chronicled nightmares, flashbacks, insomnia, anxiety and other symptoms suffered by bedbug victims, which the study likened to the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder.”  In addition, Susan Jones, and entomologist at Ohio State University said “the human toll is something people don’t understand, there’s a lingering psychological impact to having bedbugs.”

The internet is rife with home remedies to try to win the war against bed bug infestations.  In an effort to kill bed bugs, some people have tried holistic remedies, some have tried bug bombs and foggers, some have ordered strange (and sometimes illegal) products over the internet, and some have tried dangerous concoctions that NYC bed bug specialists would never recommend.  It is always best to hire a licensed pest control professional with experience in bed bug eradication instead.

The Social Stigma Of Having Bed Bugs

If you have ever had a bed bug infestation, you know that there are many social implications that are associated with having the bloodsuckers in your home.  If you have not had an infestation, consider yourself to be among the lucky.

The social implications of having bed bugs are not widely discussed.  Many people focus on tactics of killing the pests, pesticides that are used, lawsuits that are filed, and places that have the critters.  People who have had or do have bed bugs suffer from the pests in many ways.

Bed bugs can take an emotional toll on their victims as they often cause a lack of sleep.  People who have the pests often report that they wait up at night for the bloodsuckers to surface.  They also report trouble sleeping as they know that the bed bugs will arrive soon after they have drifted off.

People who have experienced or are experiencing a bed bug infestation are often shunned by family and friends.  It is not surprising that upon learning about a bed bug infestation, that people tend to not want to come to your home, nor do they want you to come to theirs.  Even long after the pests are gone, it is not uncommon for family and friends to be afraid of visits because bed bugs are so difficult to eradicate.

There have been incidents where people who have had bed bug infestations have been fired from their jobs.  In today’s economy, employment is difficult to come by.  Some employers have been worried about bed bugs being brought into the work environment, which is a valid concern, although firing an employee because of bed bugs is not legal.  People who have bed bugs do not often tell their co-workers about the infestation, and those that do report that they have them are often shunned by their peers.

Victims of bed bug infestations can feel like a leper.  It is important for everyone to take precautions against these troublesome pests at all times.  If you suspect that you have bed bugs in NY, NYC or NJ, contact Stern Environmental Group for expert bed bug eradication services.

NYC Bed Bug Specialist Offers Protection Against Harmful Pesticides

Countries in the West have many protocols set in place to protect the public from the dangers associated with pesticide application.  When applied correctly, pesticides are safe for in interior and exterior of homes and businesses.

It appears that there are now two more Westerners that have traveled overseas that have become victims of bed bug pesticide poisoning.  The National Post in Canada reported on September 19, 2012 that Canadian backpacker Cathy Huynh and her friend Kari Bowerman from Illinois checked into a guesthouse in the coastal city of Nha Trang.  Within hours after their arrival, the women checked into a local hospital with difficulties breathing.  Reports are that within three hours of her arrival at the hospital, Kari Bowerman died of respiratory failure.  Cathy Huynh appeared to have survived the ordeal when she was discharged from the hospital two days later.  Returning to the same guesthouse, she became ill once again and was admitted back into the hospital the next day.  Sadly, she too died the following day.

Toxicology reports are not specific but it is suspected that the women were poisoned by chlorpyrifos which is a potent bed bug pesticide used throughout Asia.  This pesticide has been banned for use in the Western world as it is deemed to be too dangerous.  It should be noted that other tourists have also fallen victim to the same pesticide in other tourist areas in Asia.  An autopsy is being performed, but chlorpyrifos is hard to detect as it quickly leaves the human body.

Some people believe that the Environmental Protection Agency is too stringent with their guidelines when it comes to releasing pesticides that will kill bed bug infestations.  When used properly by a licensed pest control professional however, people do not become ill or die from the currently approved pesticides.  For reputable NYC bed bug specialists like Stern Environmental Group, the safety of our customers is our first priority.  Our trained technicians know how to properly administer pesticides to keep our customers safe at all times.  For expert bed bug eradication services in NYC, NY and NJ, contact Stern Environmental Group.