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Losing Everything to Bed Bugs – One Family’s Story

Losing Everything to Bed Bugs - One Family's Story
Losing Everything to Bed Bugs – One Family’s Story

“We were tossing memories,” says a New York mother whose family lost most of their belongings in a bed bug scare. After finding bed bugs in her son’s bedroom and their eggs tucked away in hidden places like the pages of baby books, the family was disgusted but determined to put an end to the problem.

Bed bug treatments have improved over the years, but they are some of the hardest pests to completely eradicate. A big part of that: many bed bugs have developed resistance to pesticides.

The Esposito-Bernard family first tried laundering every garment and linen. Then, they boiled every object that could stand the heat. Before long, the family said goodbye to their baby cribs and other cherished memorabilia. Everyday items and furniture were mostly trashed, too.

Turn to the NJ Bed Bug Specialists

When people find bed bugs, panic often sets in. Some are afraid of chemicals, others fear that eggs will remain.

Thankfully, our NJ bed bug specialists have a green, child-safe, pet-safe treatment from Europe called Cryonite®.

Using food-grade CO2 snow instead of traditional bed bug chemicals, the process can be used in homes, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, and many other places. With Cryonite®, you may well get to keep all of your stuff.

If you have a bed bug problem, please consider all your options. Contact the NJ bed bug specialists at Stern Environmental for more info.

NYC Government Creates Bed Bug Knowledge Guide

NYC's Bed Bug Guide
NYC’s Bed Bug Guide

Bed bugs present many challenges to NYC pest control specialists. However, these challenges can be overcome as long as you have the right professional tools to do the job. Maybe you live in New York City or in the surrounding areas and you’ve never had to deal with a bed bug infestation before. The fact that you have one now may be making you panic, but fortunately, NYC Health has posted an informational page that can help you understand the type of pest you’re dealing with.

What You’ll Find in the NYC Bed Bug Guide

The most important thing you have to do is identify that you are, in fact, dealing with a bed bug infestation. This guide can help you with identification by providing specific information on what these pests look like. You’ll find many bed bug myths dispelled in the guide, and there’s also information that might pertain to your particular situation, such as what to do if bed bugs have infested:

• Your home

• Your business

• Your school

• Your storage unit

• Your luggage

NYC Pest Control for Bed Bugs

While there are a lot of DIY ideas regarding dealing with bed bugs, the professional approach is the best. At Stern, we use the best methods to combat these pests so you can start sleeping comfortably at night again. For information, or to schedule an appointment, contact us.

Property Managers, How to Tell Tenants You’ve Got Bedbugs!

Bed Bug Infestations
You Have Bedbugs

After finding bedbugs, many landlords and property managers want to keep the situation hush-hush. In the long run, it may actually be better to tell tenants about the situation so you can exterminate the bedbug infestation completely and educate tenants about prevention.

Bedbugs spread quickly between units. After pest control for one apartment, you may wind up with reports of bed bugs weeks later in another unit. Often the easiest, least expensive option is to have the entire building inspected and treated as necessary.

Here’s what property managers need to tell tenants about bedbugs:

  • Acknowledge confirmed reports so tenants do not speculate about the problem being worse than it is.
  • Ask tenants to report signs of bedbugs. Some people keep quiet because they don’t want to be held responsible for bedbug extermination. That can leave you with hidden bed bugs that keep spreading around the building. Better to welcome the reports.
  • Ask tenants to sign up for bed bug extermination so you can arrange for professional pest control to treat all affected units.
  • Provide tips and information about how bed bugs spread, how they can clean clothing and other items, and how to spot the signs of a bedbug infestation.

Bedbugs cause stress and anxiety for tenants and landlords alike. Stay on top of the situation and control the message! Let your tenants know that you are bringing in bedbug exterminators to clear the property.

Proposed New York Bed Bug Law and Landlords

New York assembly member Linda Rosenthal, a democrat from Manhattan, has co-sponsored a piece of legislation that would provide apartment seekers more information about bed bug infestations. If the legislation becomes law, landlords will have to disclose a building’s bed bug infestation history for the prior five years to potential tenants.

Well, the legislation may be helpful, however due to no recent bed bug history a person could rent an apartment and then a neighbor brings in a bed bug infested mattress or ascot and the annoying insects climb through the walls and lay thousands of eggs in the apartment.

Perhaps the building has been infested recently but the landlord was unaware of the problem, because the bed bug infested tenants kept quite due to the stigma of having bed bugs or perhaps they don’t get skin reactions to bed bug bites and were unaware they had been blood meals for the horrible bed bugs.

Bed bug monitors can play a vital role in a comprehensive bed bug prevention plan in New York City, the state of New Jersey and everywhere.