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Travelers and Easy Preventive Bed Bug Procedures

Bed bugs are found in hotels in New Jersey and New York City and across the nation. They live in luxury hotels and budget hotels. There are some preventive measures travelers can take while staying at a hotel.

Inspect the luggage racks for bed bugs, blood spots and bed bug fecal matter. Place the luggage on the racks and place tape with the sticky side up on the rack legs so the bed bugs can’t crawl up and enter your luggage. Also put the tape on the legs of the bed.

Inspect the bed. Pull back the sheets and check the mattress pad cover and also under the duff ruffle. Check the box spring and the headboard. Inspect all the furniture, base moldings, cracks and the drawers. Do the inspection with a flash light. Bring a bed bug monitor with you.

If you are still concerned about bed bugs you may want to hire a bed bug sniffing dog and have the canine sniff your luggage and perhaps you for bed bugs before entering your home. Wash all of your clothes and then perhaps have some cheese puffs.

The Bug Dome Bed Bug Monitor now Available in Canada and other Locations

Silvandersson has announced they have received ETL certification for their Bug Dome monitor. The monitors can now be sold in Canada. Stern Environmental sells the effective bed bug monitors which are made by Silvandersson, a Swedish company.

The unique, small bed bug monitor/trap utilizes a heating element to attract bed bugs. The dome recess is also coated with a special glue in order to trap the odious bed bugs for inspection. The device is just a little bit bigger than a large coffee saucer.

The Bug Dome monitor is an excellent device for travelers to use while staying in hotels. Bed bugs have become a significant problem in hotels in New Jersey, New York City and locations all over the world. Canada also has bed bug infestations.

The Bug Dome can also be a highly effective part of a bed bug prevention plan in homes. They can be placed in all the bedrooms and other locations in a house. Detecting a bed bug infestation early can significantly lower the cost of pest control treatments.

Hotels versus Guests: Who is Responsible for Bed Bug Attacks?

Denine Erlemeier claims she and her family were attacked by bed bugs while staying at a Disney World hotel in Florida. She claims they were covered with bed bug bites. The email rejoinder from Disney regarding her bed bug complaint stated that the bites did not occur due to any condition at the Disney hotel. These cases are hard to prove but when people say they awoke in a hotel room with red bite marks perhaps they are are correct about the attack occurring at the hotel room.

A Disney spokesperson stated that the resort has a bed bug expert staff member that investigated the complaint and found no evidence of bed bugs. Hopefully, it was a thorough inspection. What are his qualifications? Bed bug detection dogs are far superior to humans in detecting bed bugs. The spokesperson didn’t mention a bed bug sniffling Beagle or any other bed bug detection dog. People visiting hotels in Jew Jersey, New York City and other cities and states across the nation should consider purchasing a bed bug monitor and take it with them to hotels.

Passive Bed Bug Monitors are Vital for Bed Bug Detection Programs

Bed bugs have become a major problem all over the United States. Early detection of an infestation makes it much easier for pest control professionals to eliminate the infestation. Professional bed bug extermination treatments are typically less expensive when performed before the infestation becomes huge and spread all over the house.

BB Alert Passive is a  passive bed bug monitor that will be a valuable asset in a bed bug prevention plan. People living in New Jersey and New York City and other bed bug locations need to have a comprehensive bed bug prevention plan.

The passive bed bug monitor works by providing a narrow space which bed bugs enjoy using for their home. The monitor should be placed near the headboard between the mattress and the box spring. The device’s white skirt will show the fecal matter of bed bugs living in the device. A bed bug pest control professional will be able to tell if the droppings are produced by bed bugs.

The BB Alert Passive allows people to get pest control treatments before the bed bug population becomes huge.

Simple Bed Bug Inspection Tips for Hotel Guests

Bed bugs thrive in hotels. Bed bugs have entered hotels all over the nation. Due to bed bugs, hotel guests sometimes wake up with red bumps or flat welts that can be very itchy. Bed bugs often climb into suitcases or cling to clothing and go home with the hotel guests. They would probably rather find rats in their suitcases than odious bed bugs.

New York City is considered to be a primary place for bed bugs to hang out because of the large number of international travelers that visit New York City every day. Yes, people also bring bed bugs to New Jersey and other locations.

While staying in hotels, people should do a bed bug inspection which includes examining mattress seams, edges of carpet, bed boards, wall trim, pillow case linings and tiny crevices where bed bugs can hang out while they are not having a human blood meal. Look for bed bugs, blood, bed bug fecal matter and bed bug eggs. A bed bug monitor is highly recommended.