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Bed Bug Monitoring Device Praised by Experts

The latest in bed bug technology the NightWatch bed bug monitoring device is receiving high praise. The New York Times Sunday Real Estate section from August included comments from John Furman of Boot-a-Pest. Her praised the NightWatch for being effective at detecting bed bugs and for providing evidence to the residents that the eradication process has been completed.

W. Jay Nixon, MS, BCE, Board Certified Entomologist, of Pest Management in Washington DC and his operations manager are utilizing the bed bug monitoring device NightWatch in an NIH residential facility for children with cancer.

NightWatch is a trap and monitoring device that entices bed bugs to it by using heat, CO2 and a lure that mimics natural pheromones. The bed bugs believe it’s a human. The device traps the bed bugs so they won’t be able to attack people and very importantly it signals to people that bed bugs have invaded the residence.

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Nightwatch: Effective Bed Bug Monitoring Device for Home Buyers

If you are planning to buy a new apartment or house, you should at least make sure that the place is not infested with bed bugs. Bed bug infestation can be a long term problem that can cause sleepless nights and health problems, and getting an exterminator to get rid of bed bugs can be a costly solution. One of the most effective and affordable ways to ensure that your potential home is free of bed bugs is to place a Nightwatch bed bug monitoring device there before you decide to move in.

Nightwatch is a bed bug monitoring device that produces a chemical scent that is similar to the scent of sleeping humans, and it lures and kills bed bugs that are looking for a blood meal. This revolutionary product was created by BioSensory Inc. and it has been proven to be effective by experts at Purdue University.

Just place the Nightwatch device in the house or apartment that you are interested in buying, and you will know for sure if there are bed bugs in the place after fourteen days. To find out more about Nightwatch, you can check out the product information that is available in our website.

BB Alert Active Arriving Soon in the US

BB Alert Active Package
BB Alert Active Package

Bed bugs are becoming more widespread nowadays, and many people are not aware that they can cause serious health problems. While there are many solutions that are available for the monitoring of bed bugs, few of them are as effective, affordable, and safe as BB Alert Active.

BB Alert Activeis presently only available in Europe, but it will soon be sold in stores across the US. This revolutionary product is developed by Midmos Solutions Ltd., and it features a replaceable activator pad that attracts and captures bed bugs that are looking for a blood meal. The unit is small and thin, and it can be conveniently placed under the bed. After the bed bugs are trapped in the unit, a professional can be called in to review the trap and confirm whether there are bed bugs in the home.

BB Alert Active is effective in trapping adult and nymph bed bugs that are found in bedding, mattress seams, furniture, floor boards, carpet edges, and other locations in the home. Bed bugs can multiply at an astonishing rate, and they will be more difficult to control as they grow in numbers. The BB Alert bed bug monitoring device can help detect the presence of bed bugs in homes, hospitals, hotels, hostels, as well as vehicles.

You can visit our detailed product information on our website or review the full product information guide. We will let you know when we start to offer this product for sale online.

Bed Bug Monitoring Device Arriving Soon

Would you like to have an early detection bed bugs monitoring device in your home? The state-of-the-art, BB Alert Active bed bug monitoring device will be available for purchase near the end of  June. The BB Active Alert is relatively inexpensive and more affordable than some of the other bed bugs monitoring devices. The unit was designed based on years of detailed research and testing in real-life problem locations. The BB Alert Active entices bed bugs in search of a human blood meal. The bed bugs are trapped and held for observation.

The earlier people discover they have a gang of bed bugs in their residence the quicker they can get professional bed bugs treatments which is very important. Early detection allows you to stop the spread of the critters to other places in your residence which makes it easier and less expensive to get rid of them. A daily monitoring of bed bugs by the BB Alert Active is one of the best elements of an overall bed bugs prevention program. Also, the device can be used after bed bug treatments to make sure they have been eliminated.

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