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Is That Coriander or a Bed Bug Infestation?

Is it the Smell of Your Spice Drawer or Bed Bugs?
Is it the Smell of Your Spice Drawer or Bed Bugs?

Our five senses keep us in tune with our surroundings, with one sense often compensating for the limitations of another. When it comes to bed bugs, it may be your nose, not your eyes, alerting you to the need for NJ pest control.

Out of Sight but Not out of Mind

Bed bugs are tiny enough to move around undetected and hide in the smallest cracks and crevices. While it’s a common myth that bed bugs are a sign of poor housekeeping, these pests can easily enter any building via luggage, packages, food items or even attached to clothing.

If you do spot a bed bug, chances are it’s a sign of a full-blown infestation. Female bed bugs lay approximately three eggs per day, which mature into adults in roughly seven weeks.

The Nose Knows

Dark or rust-colored spots on linens, mattresses and bed clothes from blood or excrement are a common visual sign of bed bugs, but one unmistakable tip-off is the smell. When bed bugs are frightened or disturbed, they emit odors called alarm pheromones that have been likened to the smell of coriander. The musty scent also comes off bed bug excrement.

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Could Bed Bug Skins be Used for New Traps?

What if...
What if…

Finding shed bed bug skins is a sure sign that you have an infestation. However, researchers at the University of California have found that those skins might actually serve a useful purpose, which could be great news for those of us who work in NJ pest control.

According to their findings, the shed skins of bed bugs tend to give off four different pheromone compounds. These sweet smells lure bed bugs into a space, and they automatically think the area is safe for them. In short, bed bugs are drawn to their own familiar smell, which can be exploited for new ways to trap and eradicate these blood-sucking pests.

The best news of all is that these experimental traps suggest their effectiveness will last for quite some time. During their tests, researchers crushed the skins, and then aged them for as long as 99 days. They were then tested and the presence of the pheromone compounds was still detected.

These findings are encouraging because although there are many different bed bug traps on the market, nothing that utilized their own smell has been developed. This new approach might lead to the most effective bed bug trap ever created, and the fact that it will be inexpensive is very attractive to property owners and NJ pest control specialists.

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Nightwatch: Effective Bed Bug Monitoring Device for Home Buyers

If you are planning to buy a new apartment or house, you should at least make sure that the place is not infested with bed bugs. Bed bug infestation can be a long term problem that can cause sleepless nights and health problems, and getting an exterminator to get rid of bed bugs can be a costly solution. One of the most effective and affordable ways to ensure that your potential home is free of bed bugs is to place a Nightwatch bed bug monitoring device there before you decide to move in.

Nightwatch is a bed bug monitoring device that produces a chemical scent that is similar to the scent of sleeping humans, and it lures and kills bed bugs that are looking for a blood meal. This revolutionary product was created by BioSensory Inc. and it has been proven to be effective by experts at Purdue University.

Just place the Nightwatch device in the house or apartment that you are interested in buying, and you will know for sure if there are bed bugs in the place after fourteen days. To find out more about Nightwatch, you can check out the product information that is available in our website.

Bug Dome – Bed Bug Monitoring/Trap Device

The Bed Bug Dome
The Bed Bug Dome

The alluring Bug Dome will be available beginning in the summer of 2009. The bed bug monitor/trap utilizes a heating element to attract the odious bed bugs to the device. The dome also is coated with a special attractant to entice the critters to the trap. When the bed bugs arrive on the dome trap they become stuck due to the glue material that is in the trap section. When the jail is full of bed bugs you can toss the trap and put in a new one.

The Bug Dome can be plugged into a wall outlet. The device is made by the company that created the bed bug killing Cryonite. Pricing is not yet available. Yes, some of you may be willing to pay a million dollars for a device that will trap bed bugs and keep them from attacking you but we believe the price will be substantially less! Families may want to consider purchasing enough for all their bed rooms. Since it’s manufactured by the people who make the highly effective Cryonite I am looking forward to the products arrival.

Here is more information on the bed bug monitoring/trap for your review.

If you have bed bugs ask a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional to destroy them.