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New York City: Bed Bugs Public Enemy #1

Bed bugs are considered by people to be the most annoying pests residing in New York City. Kihani Brea, a city council policy analyst boldly called the bed bugs a plague. That’s not a compliment to bed bugs. Perhaps a large number of New Jersey residents would also claim that bed bugs are the number one irritating pest.

In a recent meeting of Community Board 7 which represents the Upper West Side, Gale Brewer, a city council member, mentioned that 26 city agencies are tackling the problem. New York City residents probably still think they need bed bug monitors because all of this tackling has not eliminated the bed bug problem.

Yes, the city department of health has a web site that offers a bed bug fact sheet but residents probably would like the department of health to do much more than offer a fact sheet. Many New Yorkers think they have received an insufficient response from the city regarding bed bugs. Perhaps they’re right, but it’s difficult to get rid of the odious bed bugs from a large city or even a small town.

Study Shows Widespread Resistance in Nation’s Bed Bug Populations to Pyrethroid

The University of Kentucky announced that a bed bug study which included 110 bed bug populations from across the nation showed that 88 percent of the populations included one or two genetic knockdown resistance (kdr-type) mutations to synthetic pyrethroid pesticides. Knockdown resistance mutations, means that the insecticide pyrethroid can’t kill bed bugs that have this type of mutation.

One of the entomologists involved in the study stated that we need alternative insecticides to fight bed bugs. New York City and New Jersey residents are probably tired of fighting bed bugs and would prefer bed bugs stop eating human blood and find another food source. 

All the New York City bed bug populations tested in the study had one or both mutations for pyrethroid resistance. Pyrethroid chemicals are used by some pest control companies to kill bed bugs. Reports from many pest control companies indicate that pyrethroid products are not performing as well at killing bed bugs as they would like.

It’s important to catch a bed bug infestation early, thus bed bug monitors can be a valuable part of a bed bug plan.

Bed Bugs can Cause more than Just Itchy Skin

Some New Jersey and New York City residents are not even aware they have been attacked by bed bugs during the night. Many people don’t have a skin reaction to bed bugs that have been stealing their blood. However, many people do get itchy skin rashes from being attacked by bed bugs.

Some people, including a woman living in Portland Oregon, have a severe reaction to bed bug bites. She woke up one morning covered with red hives. The doctor recommended she go to the emergency room. The doctors said her allergic reaction to the bed bugs attack almost put her into shock.

To make things worse the apartment complex would not give the woman and her boyfriend their deposit back and the company that owns the building locked them out of their apartment. They had to sleep on the couches of relatives. Sounds like a quirky movie script that could take several different plot twists, unfortunately it actually happened to the woman.  A bed bug monitor could be very beneficial for this woman and many others.

Bed Bug Monitors – The New Heroes

Douglas Stern, Managing Partner of Stern Environmental and a bed bugs expert has just come out with a press release about the benefits of bed bug monitors for hotel owners and property managers. These devices can be great tools for preventing costly bed bug infestations.

Bed bug monitors will allow hotel owners and property managers to quickly learn they have a bed bugs problem. The monitors will typically alert hotel and property owners sooner about a bed bug infestation that people noticing them on their beds.

Professionally treating a bed bugs infestation early makes it easier to stop the spread of the infestation and also makes the treatments less expensive. An added bonus is bed bug monitors may be helpful in bed bug law suits when the plaintiff erroneously suggests he got his bed bug bites from the defendants hotel or property.

The bed bug monitor press release put out by Stern Environmental mentions the names of several bed bug monitors and how they work. It also provides a link to an informative web page about bed bug monitoring appliances. Check it out.

NightWatch, Is It The New Silver Bullet For Bed Bug Control?

Nightwatch bed bug monitorCould it be that the new NightWatch bed bug trap due to hit the market for pest control professionals in November will be the new silver bullet for bed bug control?  It may be so, but anyway you look at it, it is an effective new product that warrants careful review.

NightWatch is an innovative bed bug trap and monitoring device that uses heat, CO2, and a patented lure mimicking the natural kairomones (chemicals that bed bugs extrude to find their nest) to trap bed bugs and kill them. The NightWatch trap creates the same chemical patterns that a sleeping human does; attracting bed bugs for a quick bite, a snack, and then death.

This new product has been created by BioSensory Inc. and was extensively tested by Entomologists at Purdue University. The Entomologists concluded from their experiments that ” pitfall traps with heat and chemical lures have potential to be useful tools for monitoring bed bug infestations and reducing bed bug numbers.” — Just the right combination of elements that NightWatch provides to attract and then trap pesky bed bugs.

“Bed bugs are a scourge that must be dealt with” says Patrick Callahan, Director of Global Sales and Marketing for BioSensory in Connecticut. With NightWatch, pest management professionals have another excellent tool to monitor for and then kill bed bugs effectively.

Several real world uses for NightWatch would be:

1. Consumer rental of traps to validate a bed bug problem. As many pests can be thought to be bed bugs, the verification of the presence of bed bugs or lack there of can save extermination fees, which for some homes can be several thousand dollars.

2. Hotels and motels may want to purchase several NightWatch traps and rotate them on their floors to verify that their proactive bed bug prevention treatments are working. Additionally hotels and cruise ships may want to rent units to validate a bed bug finding before hiring bed bug extermination professional to treat the problem.

3. Hotels and motels may want to keep traps for a week in rooms next to bed bug infested rooms that have just undergone treatment to make sure that bed bugs have not crawled under a wall or through a ceiling vent to spread the problem into adjoining rooms.

BioSensory has advised the Stern’s Chatter blog team that they will showcase their new product at the National Pest Management Association Convention on October 22 to 25 and then release the product for sale to professionals in November. Stern Environmental Group will be purchasing several NightWatch units. We think that they will be innovative control and monitoring devices that will help our clients sleep better at night and protect their property investments.

To find out more about NightWatch, we invite you to download the BioSensory NightWatch brochure courtesy of BioSensory Inc.

You may also want to review the scientific findings from Gary Bennett, Changlu Wang, Greg McGraw, Abou El-Nour, and Susan McKnight, of Purdue University’s, Department of Entomology located at 901 W. State Street, West Lafayette, Indiana. This scientific team presented their paper titled “Traps and Attractants for Monitoring Bed Bug Infestations” and an associated PowerPoint slide show at the annual meeting of the Entomological Society of America in December 2007. (BioSensory has supplied the PowerPoint presentation to us for web posting.) We think that you will find it to be interesting reading.