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Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs are Amazingly Accurate

Many New Jersey and New York City residents would be happy to have the four legged Molly visit their home. Molly is a border collie mix, bed bug sniffing dog.  Her owner states that Molly can smell bed bugs behind walls. Humans named Molly cannot do that.

Her owner, Leigh Ann Coleman, actually orders shipments of bed bugs from New York. No, she’s not a goofball, she needs the bed bugs for training sessions for Molly, the bed bug detection dog. Leigh Ann Coleman probably does not get excited when the package shows up. No, you probably won’t get rich if you run an add in the paper announcing you have odious bed bugs for sale. People will think your silly.

Leigh Ann Coleman stated that human eyes are about 30 to 40 percent accurate at detecting bed bugs and that bed bug detection dogs have about a 97 percent accuracy rate. These dogs can check out an entire room in about three to four minutes. Bed bug detection dogs are heroes.

Bed Bug Detection Dog Sits Down While on the Job

New York City is regarded as one of the country’s leading bedbug battlegrounds. However, the horrible insects live in New Jersey and all over the nation. Hershey the bed bug detection dog primarily works in Cincinnati but has recently been asked to sniff around for the odious insects in Toledo, Ohio.

Hershey was asked to inspect an apartment complex. The janitor was skeptical of the bed bug sniffing dog until Hershey went immediately to a vile of bed bugs that his owner hid in the room as a test. Hershey has been trained to only find live bed bugs. Thus, if you want to see what a dead bed bug looks like don’t call Hershey. The dog has been trained to sit down whenever he smells a bed bug. Sometimes he fakes sitting down just to get the humans excited. Well, perhaps not.

After Hershey was done inspecting the Toledo apartment complex his owner estimated that 40 percent of the units were infested with bed bugs. The nation needs more dogs that have Hershey’s bed bug sniffing skills. The nation also needs more cheese puffs.

NJ, NYC Bed Bug Detection Dogs in High Demand for a Good Reason

There is a big demand for talented bed bug detection dogs in NJ, NYC and all over the country. Bed bugs aka Cimex lectularius have a very difficult time hiding from properly trained NJ, NYC bed bug sniffing dogs. Bed bugs think they’re geniuses by hiding in computers, cell phones, behind light switches,  in furniture etc but the odious insects can’t hide from dogs which have amazing smelling capabilities. The NJ, NYC bed bug detection dogs are able to smell the pheromones, which have a faint chemical order, that the bed bugs emit to send out a signal to other bed bugs. Perhaps they should switch to text messaging.

Bed bug sniffing dogs are becoming very popular due to their outstanding success rate. A representative of the Florida Canine Academy in Florida stated his trained dogs are in high demand.

If you have NJ, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Manhattan bed bugs let a properly trained NJ, NYC bed bug detection dog check out your residence or business location.

The Wonderful NJ, NYC Bed Bug Detection Dogs

NJ and NYC residents and business owners that have bed bugs or think they may have the odious insects should consider using the services of a NJ, NYC bed bug detection dog. Their smelling abilities are much stronger than humans. A well trained bed bug sniffing dog can investigate a room and find bed bugs in about three minutes.

Bed bug detection dogs are trained to notice the difference between live bed bugs and dead bed bugs, eggs, cast skins and fecal matter. The dogs indicate the areas where the bed bugs are hiding and the humans destroy the critters. They have become very popular bed bug hunters for hotels, hospitals, homes, apartments, nursing homes and businesses.

In a test performed at the University of Florida in Gainesville, well trained bed bug sniffing dogs had a consistent 98% accuracy rate detecting live bed bugs and their eggs in a variety of settings.

If you think you might have a bed bugs infestation in NJ, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Manhattan let a NYC bed bug detection dog investigate for you.

NYC Bed Bugs Attending Law School Without Permission

The New York Times has reported that the John Jay College of Criminal Justice is temporarily closing one of its buildings due to bed bugs. They are treating the building in order to destroy the NYC bed bugs. Employees were complaining about skin rashes.  A bed bug sniffing dog detected the NYC bed bugs. According to a school spokesman Mr. Grossman, John Jay is calling it a bed bug “condition.”

Perhaps school management was horrified when they discovered they had bed bugs but some of the students were elated that they didn’t have to go to class.

Perhaps the students can do a case study on the situation. Who brought the NYC bed bugs to the building? Why did they bring them there? Where exactly were they in the building? Is there a secret plan involved? However, they could just say “oh my” and do something else.

If you are dealing with NJ, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Manhattan bed bugs let a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional destroy the insects for you.