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Bed Bugs In Paradise, Oh My! Part 1 Of 2

New York City pest control professionals are well versed in the plight of bed bug infestations throughout various hotels in the Big Apple.  Creepy bed bugs have been plaguing tourists over the past few years in record numbers with no signs of relief.  Bed bug infestation reports continue to rise in cities across the United States, so everyone should be on the lookout for bed bugs when they travel.

When hotel guests initially check into a room and find bed bugs, it is bad for business without a doubt.  When hotel guests are on the nightly dinner plate for several days, and then discover that bed bugs have been slurping their blood each night while they sleep, the problem becomes even worse for the hotel in question.  How a hotel reacts to the findings of the bed bugs, and the concerns of the hotel guests, can make or break the reputation of the hotel with the bed bug infestation problem.

Hawaii News Now reported on August 16, 2011 that a family from New Jersey had their Hawaiian dream vacation ruined because of bed bugs.  According to their reports, the family spent several days at an upscale resort before one of the family members noticed a strange bug crawling on his body.  A search of the entire hotel room revealed that bed bugs were in the mattress, on the bedding, and were on the pillow cases.

The hotel responded quickly to their plight by moving them to a different suite that was located many floors away from their bed bug infested suite.  In addition, the hotel also refunded the entire cost of the 14 night stay at the hotel.  Although the family is thankful for the refund, they say that they are suffering from anxiety attacks and sleepless nights because of their bed bug encounter.

You may read the article here.

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Did You Inadvertently Create A NJ Bed Bug Infestation?

They don’t hop or crawl, but bed bugs are incredibly talented at hitchhiking from place to place.  These nocturnal nibblers are motivated by one thing…feasting on human blood and they will stop at nothing from achieving their goal.

Previously in the week we gave you tips on how to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you while you were traveling this Thanksgiving travel season.  Despite your best efforts, you might find that you still have inadvertently picked up bed bugs on your trip.  Because it is possible to bring an egg or just one bed bug home with you, it might be a while before you realize that you actually have a New York or New Jersey bed bug infestation on your hands.

Now the question is…how do you get rid of the nasty nibblers?  Here are two useful tools that you can find at Stern Environmental Group.

The Bug Dome is a small bed bug monitor/trap that uses heat to attract bed bugs.  Once the bed bugs climb into the special electric trap, they are permanently stuck there by the glue material in the trap section.  There are three traps in the Bug Dome set so you can easily find bed bugs in several rooms.  Once you discover that you have bed bugs in your home, call a NJ pest control specialist for full eradication services.

The PackTite Portable Bed Bug Killing Heat Chamber is a great tool killing pesky bed bugs.  Use the PackTite to treat your luggage, clothing, toys, sensitive items, and dry clean only items each time you travel.  This portable heat chamber will kill all phases of bed bugs so you won’t have to worry about creating an infestation in your home when you travel.  It’s very simple to assemble and use, and collapses for easy storage too.

Stern Environmental Group provides expert bed bug eradication services to Secaucus, New Jersey, the Greater New York City Metro and Connecticut Regions.  We have a vast selection of bed bug products available for your home and for travel that will help protect you from bloodsucking bed bugs.  If you find that you have a NJ or NYC bed bug infestation, contact Stern Environmental Group for discreet, accurate, and expert removal of bed bugs!

Bed Bug Travel Tips Part II Of II

Continuing from Monday…

Experts now agree that you should not use the drawers that are inside of any hotel or motel room as it is too easy to pick up bed bugs.  It only takes one adult female to deposit her eggs in your belongings (which you will not see), for you to bring home a bed bug infestation.  We recommend that you use the BugZip Luggage & Drawer Linger Bags or the Hefty Bedbug Travel Bags instead so that your belongings are safe from bed bug exposure.

Upon your return home, there are a few bed bug prevention items that are handy-dandy tools for early detection of bed bugs and ones to help you prevent an infestation from establishing at your home.  A mattress and box spring are a costly investment so it is wise to consider buying a mattress encasement for both before you leave on any trip.  The Protect-A-Bed Mattress and Box Spring Encasements are easy to install and they are certified to be bed bug bite proof.  Using the proper type of mattress encasement will prevent bed bugs from being able to infest your bed in the crevices along the edge of the seams.

The Climbup Insect Interceptor is also a good tool to use for early detection and prevention of bed bugs.  This device creates a barrier between the floor and the bed when it is installed under bed post legs.  The innovative design of the Climbup Insect Interceptor will trap bed bugs exiting the bed and those trying to gain access to the bed.  Once bed bugs make contact with the trap, they are prevented from escaping as they are stopped dead in their tracks by the fine talc powder that is be placed within the trap.  If you do find any bed bugs in the Climbup trap, be sure to call a NJ pest control expert immediately.

It may seem like too much work to check your hotel room for bed bugs while you are traveling this holiday season, but imagine the work you will encounter if you accidentally create a NJ bed bug infestation in your home by bringing the little vampires home with you!

Protect Your Belongings When You Travel

A bed bug infestation can be a huge problem for any person.  The simple fact is that it does not matter where you live, or how much money you make, bed bugs go where people go.  Some people think that bed bugs are just a problem for New Yorkers, but recent surveys have shown that bed bugs are now in all 50 states.  As such, nobody is immune to the bite of these nocturnal nibblers.

When traveling, you must be very careful about picking up bed bugs and bringing them home with you.  Five star hotels and flea bag motels, and everything in between are all hot spots for bed bug activity because of the constant turn-around of guests.  You should always be diligent and look for bed bugs once you check into any hotel or motel. 

Bed bugs can be found around the seams of the mattresses, in dressers, behind mirrors or picture frames, in night stands, under or in box springs, around or behind baseboards, in electrical outlets, and even in telephones, televisions, and alarm clocks.  Because humans are only 30% accurate at identifying and locating bed bug infestations, it is wise to take other precautions when you are traveling.

Hefty has invented a great product to help protect your belongings while you travel.  The Hefty Sealed Big Bags are 24 x 32 inches and are perfect for use in hotel or motel rooms.  These giant bags allow you to safely store all of your belongings in strong plastic bags.  With Hefty’s patented one zip feature, you can easily zip your personal items inside the bag so that bed bugs cannot climb inside.  Use these fantastic bags and you will never need to touch the inside of the dresser or floor again; thereby eliminating the risk of bringing bed bugs home with you.  These huge zippered bags also work great when you have an infestation and are in the tedious clean up process.

You will find that it may take a little bit of effort to safeguard yourself against bed bugs while you travel.  The end result of not bringing blood sucking bed bugs home with you is definitely worth the extra time spent as it will save you money and the mental anguish of having a bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Warfare…What A Nightmare!

With all of the bed bug infestations blanketing newspapers and the internet this past month, it’s a pretty hot topic among folks.  I was just having a conversation with my neighbor about bed bugs and I told her that bed bugs could wreak havoc if they landed in the wrong hands and were purposely set loose in a public establishment.  She thought I was a bit off my rocker.  It’s bad enough that we all need to look for them in hotels and motels, and wonder if they are in the airline seat, rental car, train, bus, taxi, or movie theaters that we are sitting in.  We are not even safe from these blood suckers if we become ill and require a trip to the hospital or are visiting someone there, because bed bugs can be ready to pounce.

Then I read an article last night about the plastic baggie of live bed bugs there were found a few weeks ago at a Des Moines city building. The open baggie was found by custodians but not before the prickly pests had time to escape and run for cover in the Des Moines Armory which houses many public offices.  It is only now that they are finding out how bad the infestation is.

Officials believe that the bed bugs were left by someone who was seeking revenge against the city for some unknown reason.  Really, why else would a bag filled with live bed bugs be left in a building?

Forget chemical warfare, this is bed bug warfare!  The building has undergone fumigation services three times, but according to the bed bug sniffing dog and the employees itchy bites, the bed bugs refuse to die.  So far, the City of Des Moines has forked out $1,200 for fumigation costs.  Heat treatment for the building will cost the city an additional $5,000.  Without a doubt, employees have taken the blood suckers home with them as well.  Who assumes the cost for those bed bug infestations?  What a nightmare!

For protection, maybe I will just train my own dog to be a bed bug sniffing dog!