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Bed Bugs Invading Brooklyn?

According to the authorities of New York City, bed bug complaints from Brooklyn have soared more than 1,900 percent since 2004 and it’s getting worse. Just in the first half of the year 311 got 3,248 bed bug complaints from Brooklyn residents. What makes this even more scary is that most people don’t bother to make the call to 311 and the bed bug complaints received by the government might just represent a small percentage of the amount of bed bug infestations in Brooklyn.

Based on the 311 bed bug calls the Bushwick community is the bed bug capital of Brooklyn, however the residents are not celebrating or praising themselves for the tribute.

 People seem to recognize the quarter inch, reddish brown adults but don’t realize the babies are only 32nd of an inch in length and are off-white in color.

One Brooklyn resident thought he had eliminated the critters, yet he received a phone call from a former house guest who resides in Texas who claimed he had a Brooklyn bed bug crawling out of his laptop when he got home.

Bed bugs in NYC, and New Jersey can be destroyed with Cryonite. Most of them won’t be moving to Texas.

New Jersey NJ Bed Bugs, Who Should Pay

Bed bugs are becoming a significant problem in New Jersey. New Jersey law states that landlords are responsible for needed extermination, however it does not clearly state if the landlord can pass the cost to the occupant. A lot of people living in apartments don’t mention bed bug problems due to concern they will end up paying for it.

New Jersey lawmakers are writing legislation to make sure the landlords of multi-unit buildings in New Jersey have to pay for all needed bed bug extermination. The lawmakers want to fix the NJ bed bugs apartment problem and fix what they call the basic injustice of NJ apartment owners not paying for the bed bug pest control services.

I feel sorry for the tenants but the apartment owners could easily argue that some of the tenants brought the critters into the building and so why should the building owners be forced to pay. So far, I don’t think any apartment owner has been brazen enough to sue a renter for bringing bed bugs into the building and for causing his property value to diminish and for all the money he spent on bed bug pest control. It would make an interesting court case.

Bed Bugs – Huge NYC Real Estate Issue

I have recently blogged about the perils of purchasing co-ops, condos and homes in New York due to the dreaded bed bugs. Stern Environmental’s Managing Partner Douglas Stern has written an extensive article on the subject of bed bugs and real estate that provides vital information for buyers and sellers.

I usually politely refer to them as bed bugs or perhaps critters but in his article he has boldly referred to them as “an ancient human scourge.” That’s strongly suggests a bed bug is beyond being a nuisance or a trouble maker. Perhaps if they ruin my real estate value I will use an even  stronger term.

The article quotes a spokesperson for the National Pest Management Association as saying “There are some who call it the pest of the 21st century.” Perhaps she really wanted to say villain.

The article is filled with information which can help buyers avoid purchasing a home infested with bed bugs, also known Climex lectaularius.

Most real estate owners won’t advertise their property as ” a great residence occupied by an ancient human scourge” so you better do your homework.

The article also provides just about all the information you need to know about bed bugs.

Bed Bug Free Apartment?

Bed bugs are a major problem in apartment buildings in New York City and other municipalities. Often an apartment owner will hire a bed bug exterminator to only treat the units that the residents have complained about bed bugs. However, bed bugs can go dormant and live about a year without feeding and may still be lurking in the treated apartments as well as the other units in the building. The brazen bed bugs travel to other apartment units through voids in the walls and holes which contain wires and pipes.

People need to check the obvious places for bed bugs and their eggs such as bed linen, mattresses and box springs, but they also need to check unusual hiding places such as underneath loose wallpaper, in furniture, especially of the wicker variety, behind moldings, laundry and folds in curtains. 

Before you begin screaming about having bed bugs look at some actual photographs of bed bugs and eggs, because a lot of times people actually have a different type of insect infestation.

The bedrooms are the primary suspect areas since bed bugs are attracted to body heat and they enjoy snacking on humans at night while they sleep.

If you have bed bug problems try some Cryonite to get rid of them.

Bed Bug Bite Complications

Those annoying bed bugs are known for leaving itchy red marks on the surface of the skin after they bite their victims. The bites are often in a form of a cluster and some times form a line. Yes the scratching is terrible and the red marks are not considered to be status symbols but some people have it even worse after the bed bugs take some of their blood for a meal. They develop allergic reactions to the bites. Some people have red bumps that are approximately 8 inches wide. Blisters are created, small sacs of pus are produced and dilation of the capillaries located beneath the skin occurs. If these stronger symptoms appear  it’s time to see your doctor.   

 It should be noted that doctors recommend that victims avoid scratching the affected areas because infections can occur. If you have an infection antibiotics may be needed.

People are typically embarrassed about having bed bug bites and they are concerned about being somewhat ostracized by neighbors and co-workers. They often stay quite about the bed bug bites. However,  if the bites become serious at least tell your doctor.

Bed bug professional pest control can eliminate the critters.