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Bed Bug Tips for Summer Travel

Stay Safe When You Travel With These Tips
Stay Safe When You Travel With These Tips

Bed bugs keep pest control professionals busy all year long, but summertime brings additional challenges.

Homeowners can accidentally bring these pests home with them after going on trips or summer vacation. To lower your risk of needing bed bug control this summer, use the following tips when you’re traveling and staying in hotel rooms.

Check Hotel Rooms Thoroughly

If you’ll be staying a hotel, don’t get settled until you’ve inspected the room thoroughly. This includes lifting the mattress to look for bed bugs, and checking the headboard for signs of these pests. If you see any, report it immediately and ask for a different room.

Keep Luggage Off the Floor

Don’t put luggage on the floor or on the bed. Instead, place it on a luggage rack inside your hotel room. These racks keep your clothes away from beds and carpets, where bed bugs can hide. This helps lower the risk of bringing bed bugs home.

Check Luggage at Home

When you get home from your trip, check your luggage for bed bugs. Throw any laundry you have into the washing machine right away. If you notice any, keep in mind that putting clothing in the dryer on a high setting helps destroy bed bugs.

If you have bed bugs in your home, Stern Environmental can help. Contact us for bed bug control, so you can protect yourself and your family from these biting pests.